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May 8, 2001

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The Bottom Line Dryer Tips

Always vent your dryer outside if its gas. The fumes are not good for you to inhale. Do not use the dryer for humidity in the winter if its gas. Electric is ok.

Always use metal 4" pipe with metal elbows and tape the joints with duct tape. Do NOT use sheet metal screws.

Always use a 3 louver vent hood and NOT a 4 louver type.

Always check your vent hood outside for blockage or in the spring for birds nests. A never put window screen on the vent hood to keep things out or it will cause slow drying and will clog.

Always use a bright orange knit cap for visibility and soak it with your favorite liquid fabric softener in a sink until it drys. Then leave it in your dryer for at least 10 to 15 loads to control static cling. Do NOT use dryer sheets. They will cause spots on your clothes if used on high heat ( read the box ) and they will remove the paint on your drum over time if used in a Sears/Kenmore or Whirlpool dryer and they will cause the interior walls of the duct system to become sticky and cause lint to stick and clog the vent pipe on all dryers.

Never use paint and or any kind of stain around a gas dryer. It will cause a funny gassy odor in the clothes. It will wash out the next time you rewash. But first you have to air out the house even if you don't smell it in the air.Or it will continue until you do. The dryer uses an enormous amount of oxygen and it pulles the paint fumes across the open flame and burns the fumes and the air then goes through the drum right into your clothes.And it is not good for the stitching in the clothes.

Always make sure the vent pipe is no longer than about 8' Just figure every elbow or turn is 2' and add it up together. 8' is ideal but no more than 20' total. FIND A WAY!!!!

Always use the automatic setting if you have one. And never just put the timer dial to more dry for everything. Start in the middle of the auto cycle and adjust for different load from there.

Always dig a hole under your vent hood if its close to the ground so animails can't crawl in for the heat. If they do get in you will get an awful odor after a day or two. And its cruel and messy.

Always put the same type of clothes in the same load. Do NOT mix towels and T shirts.

Always take big comforters to the laundry mat or it will blow a fuse in your dryer and it won't heat or won't run.And you will have to call Rod at Pro-Tech Appliance if you live in Rochester NY 716-377-3177 :) to repair it.

Always check your vent hose behind the dryer. If your dryer takes to long to dry. And look for kinks and crushed pipe. Not sure? then pull it out from the wall and run it or remove the vent pipe and run one load. If it then runs fine then check your venting.

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