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May 9, 2001 (Updated Nov 3, 2001)

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The Bottom Line There are a lot of bad suspense movies. But I only plan to talk about the good ones.

I love movies. However, I really love thriller/suspense movies. Movies that leave you thinking about that movie over and over again. Movies that give you chills. Movies that are so good, you feel like writing an opinion about them. I have seen a lot of suspense movies and I have ranked them. I rank them for the following: acting, story, characters, theme, camera work, chronological work (order of events keeps you thinking), how suspenseful it is, and of course the ending. I hope you might be able to get an idea for a good thriller to check out the next time you go to the video store.

10. ~The Others~
After much debate I decided this movie beat The Sixth Sense, what I had planned to have as number ten. However, The Others is even more haunting than The Sixth Sense, and features an awesome ending. The Others is a story of a mother (Kidman) of two children allergic to too much light, and the wife of a man at war. Strange things start to happen to the house when the house crew, the maids etc, leave. They hire a new groundskeeper, cook, nanny, and suddenly the children start to see ghosts. Then its not only the children that see ghosts. Or are they ghosts? Great acting, and very creepy low light scenes in a huge scary mansion.
Rated PG-13. Running Time: 101 minutes

9. ~North by Northwest~ (1959)
This is a solid piece of Hitchcock work, even a classic. It is a great movie, as well as a great thriller. The acting is great by Cary Grant, as well as the other co-stars. The plot is a great mystery with suspenseful twists.
NR. Running Time : 136 minutes.

8. ~The Usual Suspects~ (1995)
With a great cast, this crime thriller keeps you thinking. After 5 villains (Baldwin, Byrne, Del Toro, Pollak, Spacey) are round up by police to question a car raid, soon after most of them are found dead after a ship explodes in the harbor. The police suspect arson... but could it be more? Great characters and suspense.
Rated R. Running Time: 106 minutes.

7. ~From Hell~ (2001)
A superscary and gruesome movie of the chilling tale of the infamous and mysteries Jack the Ripper. If the trailer didn’t make you shiver, than the movie will, whether it be the deep voice of the Ripper himself, or the gruesome special effects made in this movie. The story starts when a bunch of poor women, who work has prostitutes, of England’s 1888 become stalked by a mysterious man who then lures them with money and treats… only then to kill them… very vicously. A detective (Depp) with pyshic abilities becomes involved with the case and falls for one of the women (Graham). Very good. Perhaps one of the best NEW scary movies with lotsa suspense.
Rated R. Running Time: 121 minutes.

6. ~Se7en~ (1995)
This film is a disturbing look upon society. It focuses on a murderer who kills people using the Seven Sins as his motive. The murderer must be caught by two detectives, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, before the killer reaches all seven. Great acting, gross realism, and very disturbing. Great on DVD.
Rated R. Running Time: 123 minutes.

5. ~L. A. Confidential~ (1997)
An excellent crime thriller set back in the old days in Los Angeles. With a great cast (Kevin Spacey, Russel Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kim Basinger) and great characters, the movie focuses on three cops who investigate a shooting at a cafe in their own special ways. A great thriller and mystery.
Rated R. Running Time: 138 minutes.

4. ~The Shining~ (1980)
"Here's Johnny!" This movie is hauntingly chilling. It is full of long suspenseful camera work mastered by Kubric. The acting provided by Jack Nicholson is excellent! Set in an old creepy and isolated mansion in Colorado, we watch a kind family become affected by cabin fever and ghosts. I can't say how scary some of the camera work is, how is draws the viewer to notice how the scene is isolated. A great performance by Nicholson, and a great thriller.
Rated R. Running Time: 146 minutes.

3. Psycho (1960)
Another great classic from Alfred Hitchcock. One of the most creepy/suspenseful/thrilling movies of all time. Great acting from Perkins. Though this film was extremely low budget, it is a great movie. Very scary. Made into a remake, and the remake ACTUALLY isn't that bad except it's the same as the first one without Perkins.
NR. Running Time: 109 minutes.

2. Silence of the Lambs (1991)
The movie that swept the Oscars with best actor, actress, and best film! This creepy suspense movie is one of the most disturbing thrillers of all. After young women are being kidnapped and skinned (skinned as in a person slicing off the skin of the woman), FBI agent Clarice Starling (Foster) investigates. To help profile the madman she gets help from Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter, who is locked up in prison. Lecter is played by Anthony Hopkins, who exhibits a shockingly thrilling performance as the insane, cannibalistic, genius. A great movie full of great characters, acting, and full of suspense! Not for little kiddies.
Rated R. Running Time: 118 minutes.

1. ~Memento~ (2000)
If you look at the other opinions, you probably won't see this movie there because it came out during the 2000-2001 time. However this movie is an excellent thriller. The plot is genius. Leonard (Guy Pearce) and his wife are attacked in their own home. Leonard's wife is raped and murdered. Leonard was thrown onto a mirror and now Leonard cannot make new memories, he forgets things after 15 minutes or so, however he can remember everything before the accident. So Leonard goes on a mission to kill the man who killed his wife, but its not that easy since he can't remember the clues, so to take clues he must keep track with Polaroid pictures, notes and tattoes. Along with Carrie Ann-Moss and Joe Polantino, this is a great thriller. Full of suspense, camera work, and scenes each engineered to keep you thinking. Go see it now.
Rated R. Running Time: 120 minutes.

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