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May 11, 2001 (Updated May 14, 2001)

The Bottom Line I highly recommend them to anyone who loves the little girl(s) in their life.

I have two nieces (ages 7 and 3) who absolutely love Barbie dolls. They have tons of them. I remember playing with them myself when I was their age, and I probably never gave it a second thought that all of my Barbies had only blond and red hair. And I probably never wondered why my Barbie mansion didn't have a desk or why she never came with a business suit or a briefcase. But now that I'm older and enjoy spoiling my nieces every now and then, I do think of these things. I think about them more now that they worship Brittany Spears; singing her songs and wanting to dress just like her.

So, when the 3-year old's birthday was coming up, I remembered a teeny-tiny excerpt I had seen months before in an issue of Latina magazine (I think it was in the reader's picks section). It was about Smartee Dolls, the positive role model dolls for girls. The short paragraph included a picture of an African-American, "Barbie-type" doll, wearing surgeon's scrubs.

After some searching, I found the Smartees website and discovered their whole line of career-oriented dolls. Some include: Taylor the Teacher (Hispanic), Destiny the Doctor (African-American), Emily the Entreprenuer, Jessica the Journalist, an architect, an attorney, a chef, etc. I loved them all and ordered Taylor, Destiny, and Emily.

Each doll comes with so much more than a Barbie does. They come with a small book with a short story about the doll's career, a copy of their college degree, and a certificate for the girl who plays with the doll. The teacher came with tiny chalk, chalkboard, and chalk for the child too. She comes dressed in a cute sweater set and knee length skirt. ****Also, these dolls are not big breasted with huge hips like Barbies, they are of average proportion.

Destiny came with surgeon scrubs, doctor's bag, stethoscope, examination table, band-aids, and tiny doctor's instruments.

My nieces loved these dolls. They were so eager to play with them. I think what makes them more fun to play with is that they come with a profession, which makes it easier for children to play out what the doll would do in their daily life. For instance, my niece was playing with Destiny the Doctor and a Barbie doll in her pink convertible, so what she did was pretend Barbie was driving too fast, got in an accident, and then went to the hospital where Destiny cared for her.

I love these dolls and intend on buying the whole collection for my nieces. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves the little girl(s) in their life.

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