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May 11, 2001 (Updated May 12, 2001)

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The Bottom Line Foundation is the base of your make-up. If you apply your foundation correctly, you can achieve a healthy, natural look.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all had that "natural glow", clear skin and perfect coloring? Well, it just doesn't seem to work that way for most of us, and that's why make-up companies make millions each year selling FOUNDATION.

Many woman wear foundation daily, and almost all have at least worn it once. But I notice, almost on a daily basis, that most women don't apply it correctly. Either they don't know how, or they think they look good and don't care.

If foundation is not applied correctly, it defeats the whole purpose of wearing it. Foundation is to cover blemishes and give your face a healthy, "NATURAL" look. If you apply it correctly, you should achieve the "Natural Look." Many women, however, look like they've been fake baked their face, or look like a clown because the foundation is "caked" on. Either of these is not attractive, nor the right way to wear make-up.

~ Step One ~
Choosing A Color

Choosing your foundation color is the first and most important step in applying foundation. If the color does not match your skin tone, it won't really matter how you apply it because it will not look natural. And natural is your goal here.

To find the color that best matches your skin tone, place a small amount along your jaw line and rub it in. If you can not see a color difference, this is your shade. If you see a streak or a line, then it's not the right color for you.

~ Step Two ~
Choosing A Brand

This is also important in applying foundation because if you are not wearing a product that "works for you", you could do more damage than good!

Some foundations are silky and light, some are thicker and heavier. Depending on what feels and looks good on you depends on the brand and type you should buy. Some women try several brands of foundation before finding the one that "works for them!" Just because I swear by Estee Lauder products, doesn't mean they would carry the right foundation for you!

~ Step Three ~
Application Tools

Tools? What I mean is: Are you using your fingers, a cosmetic puff, tissues? You need to decide how you want to apply your foundation.

Using your fingers is cheap and easy, but sometimes you don't get all the foundation rubbed in. Plus, you have wasted foundation on your finger tips that should have been on your face! And tissues just make a mess. You waste a lot of foundation this way also.

I suggest using a cosmetic puff. These are generally cheap and can be found at any grocery, discount or chain stores. Most cosmetic puffs are a sponge type material, usually shaped in a triangle. This provides best coverage, less waste and a smooth & blended result.

~ Step Four ~
Applying Foundation

Foundation should be the first thing applied to your face when applying make-up, unless you are wearing concealer also. It doesn't really matter where to start, just as long as you use the correct amount and spread it evenly over your whole face. Foundation is not a concealer, so don't use more over a blemish because it will be noticable.

Start by applying a small amount to your puff (or fingers). I usually put even amounts on both cheeks to make sure I have an even amount on my whole face. Slowly rub the foundation onto your face, making sure you are spreading it evenly. If you don't have enough, you can always add more.

Make sure you blend along your hair line, eyebrows, creases around your nose and mouth & your jaw line. It is also recommended to go down onto your neck a little to make sure you don't get a line along your jaw.

If you feel you have too much on your face, grab a tissue and gently rub the excess off your face.

~ Step Five ~
Finish Up

After you have applied your foundation, now you can apply the rest of your make-up. If you have applied your foundation correctly, the rest should be simple.

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