The Last Macally Keyboard I'll ever buy

Jul 28, 2004
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Pros:Nice looking, comfortable, 2 USB ports.

Cons:Keys fall out, lasts few months, company gives no refund, must pay S&H for replacements.

The Bottom Line: It brings many unwanted headaches caused by the poor quality of the keyboards, I highly recommend you stay away from Macally’s IceKey keyboard.

A year ago I bought Macally IceKEY keyboard at MacMall. Now I’m up to replacing it for the 5th (fifth) time. The first two had the same problem, a random key would fall off, one which was rarely used. They each lasted about a month or two once obtained. The last three IceKEYS worked for a few months and then just stopped working out of the blue. They “died”. The sum of how much shipping this took over all this time could have bought me two new keyboards.

Macally representatives blame the USB Hub into which my keyboard was plugged. They argue that it is not supposed to be plugged into the Hub, but strait into the computer, or else it would not work. When I recently called them, they said that it was written in a manual, so I asked which one, they told me that it was in both their company’s manual and Apple’s. It was not in either, nor on their website.

Even the Hub’s which Macally sells do not come with a warning about plugging in keyboards. Hub’s are supposed to be able to handle any USB devices without any problems, which means Macally (and its’ representatives) are lying and do not bother to go back to the drawing room to check what could have gone wrong.

I have two other Macs, which both use Apple keyboards and other devices, which all work through the Hub’s for years and I have not had any problems with them, just with Macally. Funny thing is, when I was on the phone with a representative, he told me that the IceKEYS are so sensitive that you cannot even keep a floppy disk drive near them, or else the keyboard will be permanently damaged. What genius invented this keyboard from Hell?

The company does not want to return my money, much less give me a working keyboard. I’ve learned my lesson, to buy keyboards from companies other than Macally, and now know that this was not just a case of bad luck, but Macally’s poor quality IceKEY.

Although this keyboard has a nice looking, sleek design, it brings many unwanted headaches from all the frustration caused by the poor quality of the keyboards, I highly recommend you stay away from Macally’s IceKey keyboard.

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