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Krylon Fusion

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Give Plastics Renewed Life with Krylon Fusion

Jul 25, 2004
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Pros:No sanding or primering required, dries quickly, good color choices

Cons:Does not shine dulled areas as much as we'd like

The Bottom Line: Krylon Fusion is a great idea... it has saved us money and given life to some really old, worn out plastics.

You know, plastic lawn chairs aren’t normally the prettiest things in the world, nor do they last long. Especially if you’re cheap, lazy, and storage space-poor as we are. We don’t have the space to store them. OK, we would have the space if we cleaned out our garage – but we’re lazy. So our chairs have weathered, less glossy, bleached out, and get covered in damaging bird poop. Normally, we just clean them off as needed, but this year, they were looking pretty sad. We almost made another trip to the dollar store (told you we were cheap), until I remembered Krylon has a new plastic paint - Krylon Fusion.


Krylon Fusion is a relatively new offering from the spray paint king, Krylon, that bonds directly to most plastics without the need for sanding or priming. Plastic isn’t the only surface, though. Krylon Fusion is also recommended for use on these other surfaces:

Hard Vinyl
Papier Mache

It comes in the typical 12 oz can, and features the EZ Touch Fan™ Spray nozzle, giving a wider and more even spray. There are a wide variety of colors available, in gloss and/or matte finish – easily distinguished by the color of the cap on the can.

Color SelectionPer website

Almond - 2437
Black - 2421
Blonde Shimmer - 2339
Blue Hyacinth - 2333
Burgundy – 2325 or 2425
Buttercream - 2334
Dover White – 2322 or 2422
Espresso – 2340 or 2436
Fairytale Pink - 2331
Gloss Black - 2321
Gloss White - 2320
Honeydew - 2335
Hunter Green – 2324 or 2424
Khaki - 2438
Navy – 2326 or 2426
Nickel Shimmer - 2338
Patriotic Blue - 2329
Pewter Gray - 2439
Pumpkin (Safety) Orange - 2337
Red Pepper - 2328
River Rock – 2323 or 2423
Spring Grass - 2327
Sun Dried Tomato - 2332
Sunbeam - 2330
Twilight - 2440
White - 2420

Using Fusion

It is best to paint outdoors for both adequate ventilation and overspray damage prevention. If you must paint indoors, open windows/doors or use a fan for air circulation. Shield other surfaces with drop cloths, and paint objects in a box turned on its side. Whenever possible, you should also test the product on a scrap piece or inconspicuous area for surface compatibility and finish. Choose an area out of direct sunlight and on a low humidity day. Sun and humidity can cause paint to dry too quickly and leave a dull and uneven finish. We know this from experience – The first chair, we pained in the sun and it didn’t turn out well. The finish had a grainy, matte appearance in some areas. Bugs, grass and leaves also blew around with the breeze and stuck to the paint. We moved the project to the garage and the chairs turned out much better.

Make sure your surface is clean and dry. Sweep spray in a back/forth pattern, overlapping each pattern slightly. It’s better to apply 2-3 light coats to prevent running and yield better drying time. Krylon Fusion is usually dry within 15 minutes.


We were pleased enough with the results to keep the chairs. My only real complaint is that plastic that has been scratched and dulled in areas tends to stay slightly dull. The seats of our chairs had the worst wear – scratched, dull, sun-bleached. After painting, the color was even, but the seat just didn’t have nearly the same gloss as the undamaged areas. We’re considering another coat application to this one to see if it improves the finish.

I’ve not had the need or opportunity to use on any other surface than plastic, but the application and finish principle is the same, I would think.

Other than the one problem, Krylon Fusion is a decent product. Other items we’ve used it on have produced new or almost new finishes without looking like it’s been painted. We took an old milky-white plastic wastebasket and painted it another color, and it really looks like we bought it that way. Krylon Fusion is completely non-toxic when dry, so it is safe for toys as well. We have a couple of old hand-me-down toys we’re going to spruce up soon.

Patience and good selection of painting conditions (i.e. humidity) are keys to getting your desired results. This is not a one-coat product. It takes time and patience to apply. If you have that, then you will really like this product.

2004 Donna Standridge

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