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Mine is four and 1/2 years old and still going strong
by cabinetman
I've got one of the 720-0062-LP models that I purchased from Lowe's back in Jan of '05. Yep, bought a grill in the winter because it was on such a good sale.

It took a bit of time to get used to using it but once I got it down, it's performed very well, indeed. One of the best things about it is that it still looks great because it's all Stainless Steel. Every Spring I just scrub it down in the driveway and it gleams almost like new for the coming year. Nothing has broken on it.

It does require maintenance, however. I've had igniters wear as they are in the direct line of the flame when used. This year I also noticed that the super-heavy duty cast iron burners are beginning to wear. However, upon reviewing my manual, they are warrantied for LIFE. So, I've contacted Nexgrill (the manufactuere of my gill) and am making arrangements to have them replaced under the warrantee. If I get another five years out of this grill I will be happy. Most gas grills don't last 10 years today and don't have warrantees that cover parts for life.

I especially love the catylitic burner for the rotisserie and it's expanded our cooking arsenal by quite a bit. It's quite predictable and I can keep a nice 350 degree heat easily with it. The rotisserie, itself, is also one of the heaviest duty (and expensive) one I've ever seen. But it can handle anything up to a 15 pound turkey.

Would I buy it again? Sure. I paid $800 for this one because of the material it was made from and because of the warranty. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an attractive and efficient grill for their deck. The only modification I've made, btw, is to drill one small "weep hole" in the side burner bottom plate. Rain water tends to get in there flooding the burner. The weep hole allow any rain to drain harmlessly to the deck.

Jun 24, 2009
5:40 am PDT

Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP
by chirper62
DO NOT buy a Jenn-Air grill. Thankfully, we bought ours at Lowe's and they have been great! The first had to be fully replaced after 5 months because the igniter quit working. Once we got the new one, we replaced a regulator valve once and a few months later needed another one again. I went back to Whirlpool/Maytag (who sold out the Jenn-Air name to NexGrill) and they left me swinging in the wind. I went to Lowe's and they gave me a full refund 2 1/2 years down the road because I had had so many problems. They picked it up from our house tonight and could not have been more pleasant. It taught me one thing - shop with Lowe's (I will make it a point to go out of my way to purchase from them). They back up their products and they care about their customers' satisfaction. Don't shop with Maytag/Whirlpool because they just don't care. They'll sell out their name for a buck and leave you hanging out to dry.
Don't buy a Jenn-Air grill because they look pretty, but trust me, they are a piece of junk!
Nov 21, 2006
4:24 pm PST

Pretty good quality
by jwkurtenbach
After looking at several grills, I was faced with a Weber that was $1500 for Stainless Steel, or a number of Stainless Steel grills made by Nexgrill and rebranded by american sounding companies.

For the $700 range (which is a lot of scratch) I came to the conclusion that if I was going to have a 100% stainless grill it would be one of these.

The Jenn-Air/Lowes/Maytag/Nexgrill seemed a bit higher quality that the similar models at Target which sell it as a Nexgrill, Home Depot which sells it as a Ducane. The massive brass burners seemed sturdier that the stainless tubes (although I don't see either failing). I called the support number for Nexgrill and got through to a real person after only a few minutes, so I felt reassured that support was improving.

I got it home and it assembled in less that 30 minutes with only a phillips screwdriver.

I got the optional rotisserie kit and popped a chicken on the grill with only the rotisserie burner. The chicken was so very tasty!! It came out perfect the first time. Tomorrow, the steak test.

In conclusion, I feel OK with Lowes return policy and the fact that I could potentially go to Jenn-Air or Maytag for some satisfaction if Nexgrill e tme down.

It hits a very good pricepoint for quality, durability and it ability to cook food nicely.
Jun 27, 2005
11:13 am PDT

Jenn-Air Customer Service
by stephan2012
Just bought the 720-0061-LP from Lowe's. While I have not had a chance to use it I just wanted to confirm that they do have great customer service (The grill came highly recommended from a co-worked who was impressed by the lifetime warranty on the brass burners and the quality of the steel used) . The lid was not sealing properly (it was probably knocked around at the store and was bent). Jenn-Air agreed to replace it at no cost to me. I was very impressed by their willingness to help without asking me a ton of questions. It's good to know that if anything goes wrong they will back it up.
Jun 20, 2005
3:17 pm PDT

How many grills does Lowe's sell last year?
by griller123
I wonder if anyone knows the number of grills Lowe's sold last year, particularly those Jenn-Air grills.
Aug 14, 2004
11:23 pm PDT

Wrong grille?
by pvreditor
I don't see anywhere in the body of your review that you got the JA480P, which is what this listing is for. Although the JA461P that you mention early on has a similar model number, it's not the same and you didn't get that grille anyway.

If you can clarify this model number confusion, please let me know by e-mail with the link (URL) and I will re-rate.

Aug 11, 2004
4:48 am PDT