Jenn-Air Gas Grill JA480P

Jenn-Air Gas Grill JA480P

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Jenn-Air 720-0061-LP

Aug 8, 2004 (Updated Jan 29, 2006)
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Pros:Known for quality.

Cons:There are better alternatives as stated in my review.

The Bottom Line: Please look at the other Jenn-Air grills sold by Lowe's since they offer a lot more bang for the bucks you spend than the Jenn-Air made by Vermont Castings.

Our local Lowe's sells 4 different Jenn-Air grills. one of them is the JA461P made by Vermont Castings which known for quality The other three are the 720-0061-LP (45k BTU 3 burner), the 720-0062-LP (48k BTU 4 burner), and the 720-0063-LP (60k BTU 5 burner) which are made for Jenn-Air by Nexgrill with mixed reviews. After doing a lot of research, I determined that Nexgrill makes stainless steel grills for almost everyone. Sears, Sam's, Target, Costco, Sports Academy, and Charbroil to name a few. The quality level from Nexgrill you get appears to be determined by the store's purchasing department. It seems that Jenn-Air and Lowe's has requested a high quality product from Nexgrill.

I compared the Vermont Castings(VC) JA461P to the Nexgrill Jenn-Air models at Lowe's. With a high strength magnet I able to determined the Nexgrill Jenn-Air models were all constructed of high quality stainless steel whereas the VC grill was not. The best stainless steel is non-magnetic. The Nexgrill models were constructed as much as possible out of stainless steel and the VC had only a stainless lid and three cabinet panels. The stainless steel on the VC was of a lower quality. The warranty was better on the Nexgrill also. Even the Nexgrill burners as well as the grates were better. After much investigation, I reached the conclusion the Nexgrill models offered much more bang for the buck.

Now I have owned the Lowe's, Jenn-Air, Nexgrill 720-0061-LP for two weeks. When I first put the grill together I noticed a slight dent in one of the front door and called the 800 number located on the front of the door. A Jenn-Air/Nexgrill rep answered the phone and was very pleasant. In five days I had another door at no cost to me. So the Jenn-Air/Nexgrill Service department worked for me as expected. I have cooked on the grill three times so far cooking burgers, chicken leg quarters, and ribeyes. Each time the grill reaches 500F in about 15 minutes and 650F in 20 minutes. After being a loyal Weber grill owner for 11 years I found that I am delighted with my new 720-0061-LP grill. Most people consider Weber the yardstick by which all other grills are measured by.

By the way, Nexgrill is made in China. In my opinion, the 720-0061-LP has the same quality of some of the other all stainless steel grills that sell for $1500-2500. Also from reading several forum responses, the 720-0061 is the one they picked over the 720-0062-LP and the 720-0063-LP.

Buy it! You will not regret it.

UPDATE July 2, 2005 - I have had the grill for almost one year. I am still very happy with my Jenn-Air grill. If someone stole my grill, I would buy the exact same grill again as soon as possible. I am a member of a forum where there are several Jenn-Air grill owners and almost all of them are very happy with their grill. There have been a couple of failures with the grill but Jenn-Air has made me happy without any questions and I did not have to fork over any money. There is a lifetime warranty on almost everything. Once again I must say:

Buy it! You will not regret it.

UPDATE January 29, 2006 - My hood thermometer has broken for the second time. It was replaced under warranty the first time. A replacement hood thermometer is about $30 bucks so I have decided not to replace it and go with an infrared thermometer. I am still real happy with my Jenn-Air grill and still highly recommend it. The steaks I cooked tonight were consumed in no time by my bunch of hungry critters. There is a great forum at the BBQ Source that has all kinds of information about the Jenn-Air grills. Check it out and get even more information. Ok, here it is........

Buy it! You will not regret it.

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