Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser DUO - I Call it My Magic Sponge!

Aug 14, 2004 (Updated Aug 14, 2004)
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Pros:No scrubbing or other cleaners needed, dramatically decreases cleaning time

Cons:Wears out more quickly than regular sponge; one becomes very addicted!

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo for fast and magical cleaning.

If I had to sum up this product in one word I would say "Awesome"! The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser DUO is a new revolution cleaning sponge for households and one that every household should possess in their home.

The Product

The Mr. Clean Magic Erase Duo is a very soft and lightweight sponge offering two sides, one which is white and one which is blue. The white side (which is your thicker side) is the "magic" side and the blue is for wiping up whatever you removed or just to wipe up your everyday mess.

The sponge is approximately 4 3/4 inches in length x 2 1/2 inches in width.

Mr. Clean claims: "The white side is an innovative cleaning material that penetrates surface grooves to easily and thoroughly break up tough dirt and grime. And, it does all this with just water alone!"

Mr. Clean also claims:

• Removes crayon marks from walls

• Removes set-in dirt on refrigerators and other appliances

• Car interiors, boat interiors, even wheels

• Athletic shoes, leather uppers and much more!

• Cleans scuff marks and dirt from walls, floors and doors

• Breaks up tough bathroom soap scum

• Cleans ground-in dirt on patio furniture

To Use

First, wet with water and squeeze out the excess.

Next, using the "white" side, gently rub the surface and flip to the blue side to wipe.


Before I proceed with my review, I would like to thank David of Hass MS&L and to Proctor and Gamble for allowing me this honor to receive a free Mr. Clean Magic Erase DUO for the purposes of critiquing this product. I would like to make it clear to the researching consumer that my review is fair and honest and by receiving this product for evaluation purposes has not colored my opinion of this product.

Now on to my personal review!

The Many Tests!

Anxious to try and see if this really worked, I ran around the house like a cleaning freak.

Food and Drinks: First, I went to the walls in my kitchen which are knotty pine wood and with one wipe, it quickly removed dried splattered food spots.

Now, becoming more excited, I opened the refrigerator to see how well it would work on dried food drippings and splattered drink spills. Normally it would take scrubbing to get this task done, but to my utter amazement, with one wipe, it cleaned up the dried food, sticky fruit drippings, and what appeared to be a red drink explosion on the top ceiling of my refrigerator.

The microwave splatters are always a time consuming task for those in my family, who cannot seem to remember to cover their food when reheating, and again what normally takes a lot of scrubbing, this sponge tackled it in just a few seconds!

Can Marks: Again, looking further in the refrigerator, I proceeded to where the canned soft drinks sit and leave those gray marks in the holders. With a couple of wipes, those stains vanished like sheer magic! Normally, I would have to take a scrubbing pad with some cleanser to get that off.

Dried Car Oil: Next, were the dried oil spots above the kitchen sink where my husband cleans his car parts. One wipe, gone! And this was car oil!

Crayon: In the meantime, my 18 year-old daughter saw me feverishly working, and I briefly saw her reading the product information and the next thing I knew she said "look Mom". I turned and she had taken a red crayon and wrote "I Love You" on the kitchen wall. Well of course, I freaked with my mind flashing back at all the crayon markings she had done when she was young on the walls and kitchen table and could never remove them and I handed the sponge to her to clean her dirty deed remarking that she better pray that this product removed crayon as it states. For some reason, she just snickered and acted like it was no big deal.

In less than 5 seconds, I looked over and like magic it had vanished without a trace! I proceeded to move closer not believing my eyes, and sure enough it was totally gone!

Ink and Pencil: Unlike my daughter, I used a test piece of several different materials to try ink and pencil tests. I tried wood, vinyl, and cardboard. With all three materials used, the "magic" sponge removed both the ink and pencil with the greatess of ease.

Sticky, Icky Stuck-on Gunk: I saw my white toaster had what appeared to be dust or dirt so first I took my regular sponge to wipe it off. Nope…it did not come off. So I took my "Magic" sponge and with one wipe, it removed the sticky, icky gunky dirt immediately. I proceeded around the toaster and wiped off every bit of grimy gunk I saw which took a total of 15 seconds.

I then took my sponge and tried it on our liquid soap containers that get so grimy at the top and it quickly removed all the gunky greasy oily stuff on the pump. Normally I would be scrubbing for quite some time to remove the yuck and even then it would never remove all.

Sap: I looked at my kitchen floor where there were spots of tree sap that normally I have to use my nails or something and scrape and scrub off. Unbelievable as it may sound, but with 2 slightly pressure wipes, the sap spots magically disappeared.

Stove Burner Trays: I saw one burner dripping tray that was a miserable looking mess with burnt spilled over food and liquids which normally I need to use a heavy duty wool pad. I thought I would give it a try with my "magic" sponge. I took the tray out of the socket and proceeded to the kitchen sink and in less than 20 seconds it was shiny again!

Soap Scum: With one wipe, the sponge quickly and effectively removed soap scum from my bathroom tub and sink.

Marks on Shoes: I have had some type of black mark on the top of one of my brand name athletic shoes and with a couple wipes it magically disappeared!

Hard Water Spots: I tried used my "magic" sponge on my hard water spots on my bathroom grout, glass shower doors and my chrome fixtures. Unfortunately, it is a no-go for hard water spots. Shoot! (But at least it did not claim it would remove this unlike so many other products I have tried.)

Mildew: I also tried to remove some mildew along the ledge of my shower doors where the caulking is. That also is a no-go, but again, the product did not claim it would remove mildew.

When Using It

While I was performing my many tests above, I would look at the white magic area each time and it would turn the same color as the spot I was removing. I would rinse it each time before proceeding to the next test so it would be fresh each and every time.

How Did the Sponge Hold Up?

After all the tests above, I have two edges that are disintegrating and one small piece that fell off when trying it on the grout. So the only drawback thus far, is that the sponge wears out more quickly than a regular sponge. The more pressure I tried applying, the faster it will break down I noticed.

I then wondered if after all the rinsing and using I did, if the "magic" had left. So I retested with the crayon and pen which I felt are the toughest of all to get out of anything, and the "magic" was still there and all it took was a couple swipes and poof they were gone!

When to Throw Away

Obviously with the many varied tests I put it through for this trial, my magic sponge will not last as long since I now know what and what not to use it on. Obviously for rough spots, like grout, it is going to tear and disintegrate, but I still have plenty of white left for many other tasks.

According to Mr. Clean, "the actual number of uses varies based on surface texture and soil level".

You should continue using the sponge until the "white" part is totally disintegrated.

Cautions as Stated with Product

Test first on an inconspicuous spot with light pressure to see if surface may scratch or dull. Not recommended for use on surfaces that are polished/glossy, or on brushed, satin, dark, or faux finishes. If using for dishwashing, rinse dishes thoroughly. Do not use with chlorine bleach.

Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of toddlers and pets to avoid accidental ingestion. Do not use on skin or other parts of the body. Using on skin will likely cause abrasions.

Final Impressions

After trying this product, I now see that this dramatically reduces my cleaning time, as you only need to just wipe with this and not pull out a scrubbing pad and other cleaners and scrub.

Not only does it save time, but it saves the life span on your other cleaning products such as cleansers and scrubbing pads as you will not need to use these nearly as much.

I also see that your wrists do not tire as they so easily do when having to scrub with the other products, so this would be even more remarkable for those who have hand, wrist, and arthritis problems.

I am now already so addicted after using this sponge, that I will have to go out as soon as possible and buy a few as I no longer want to use a steel wool pad and cleanser to scrub when I can just wipe with the same results in no time at all.

Time is a precious commodity to me also as I do not like spending all day scrubbing and cleaning when there are so many other things that need to be taken care of. Any product that cuts my time so drastically like this does is a must for me.

I also no longer want to scrape with an object or my nails or another scrubbing pad to remove stuck on dried food or sap.

The crayon mark totally made a believer out of me and I can imagine all the many households that this would be a timesaver for with small children.

Yes, I am spoiled already on this product and that is why I say that every household needs one.

Seriously, you cannot afford to be without this if for anything else than to have on hand when you need that touch of "magic"!

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