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How to get a truly MEGA memory!

Mar 28, 2001 (Updated Jun 5, 2001)
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Pros:detailed, informative, interesting, well-written, well-presented

Cons:like a lot of books in this area, a little over-hyped for my liking

The Bottom Line: How to remember more than you ever thought possible!

The ‘Optimnem’ tm Mindpower and Advanced Memory Skills e-mail course
Design and content – Daniel Tammet (

Q: How does the course work?

A: The Optimnem Mindpower and Advanced Memory Skills course consists of a series of specially designed lessons sent direct to your e-mail box each week. The lessons are made up of a total of five sections, and they include links, tips, Q&A columns and a weekly masterclass article to help you unlock your mind’s incredible potential!

Q: Who is Daniel Tammet?

A: Daniel Tammet has appeared on both national and international TV, explaining and exhibiting his remarkable Mindpower and Memory skills. He competed at both the 1999 and 2000 World Memory Skills Championships and is currently officially ranked as one of the World’s Top Four ‘Memory Masters’. He set an international record in August 2000 when he memorised a randomly generated sequence of 1,460 decimal digits backwards and forwards in one hour. At the same event, he demonstrated the ability to memorise a shuffled deck of playing cards backwards and forwards in 1 minute 11 seconds. More recently, Daniel was invited to coach the United States National Memory Sport team and has been invited to attend the Asian International Memory Fair this summer. Daniel has also agreed to have his brainwaves examined by scientists at the Institute of Neurology in London.

“People always ask me if I was born with this ability. The short answer is no. I struggled at school the same as everybody else. Over the years I’ve studied a lot and the things that I have learned have literally transformed my way of thinking and increased my mental capabilities dramatically.

“I have lots of friends and family members who kept asking me for help with their own memory abilities. It was teaching and helping them that inspired me to set up the ‘Mnemon Clubs Network’ in September 2000 and to go further and create the ‘Optimnem’ training course.

“Anyone can benefit from the advice and information I have to offer. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how bad you think your memory might be. If I can do it, anyone can!”

Mindpower Masterclass

This week:

1. How your memory works
2. Why are some people’s memory better than others
3. What we can all do, right now, to improve our memory

The Memory’s Machinery
Scientists studying brain capacity and mental skills (often called ‘neurologists’) have discovered a great deal of information about memory and remembering function in the past ten years.

The Human brain absorbs data through the five major senses – sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. This information is stored in an area of the brain known as the ‘hippocampus’ region. More specifically, the data is retained in cells within the brain called ‘neurons’. The neurons are held together in a network of cerebral wiring called ‘dendrites’.

When information is reinforced in the memory, the connections between the individual neurons strengthen and therefore that particular memory becomes more firmly placed in the mind and easier to recall. When a piece of information is poorly absorbed through the body’s senses or poorly encoded in the brain and is not reinforced, the connections begin to wither and the data becomes harder to recall.

Why are some people ‘Memory Masters’ and others can’t even remember what day of the week it is?
Everybody’s memory capabilities are roughly the same, rather it is a question of HOW WELL someone uses their memory’s natural capabilities. A ‘Memory Master’ is not somebody with superior brain function or above-average intelligence (though they may not like to admit it!); all that separates them from most other people is that they have specially taught their memories to absorb data fully, quickly and accurately.

I’m a very good example of this. If you had met me ten years ago and given me a shopping list to commit to memory I would have really struggled. It wasn’t that I was stupid, I just didn’t know the right tools and techniques. My school didn’t teach me how to remember, so I studied by myself and gradually developed the Optimnem course for maximal memory and Mindpower development and performance.

Now what?
There are some simple things you can do right this minute to start improving your memory and the way your mind works.

Do you have hobbies or interests? Do any of these enrich or exercise your mind and mental capabilities? If not, the Optimnem course gives a weekly slot to ‘mentathletics’, the field of Mind sport and mental exercise designed to strengthen and improve your mind’s capacity.

What is your diet like? Are you eating enough ‘brain food’? Well, the Optimnem course also gives information and recipes to help nourish and feed your mind.

Brain food suggestions and recipes for the week

Do you eat enough of the right sort of foods?

Nutrition is vital to achieving a healthy mind as well as body. One of the most popular brainfoods is tuna. Tuna is rich in Omega-3 acids which have been proven to help increase brain function.

Tuna pasta with vegetables

1. Buy your tuna in sunflower oil as preferable to spring or salt water.
2. Boil either ordinary or wholewheat pasta shells in a saucepan for 10-12 minutes over a medium flame.
3. Stir in the tuna chunks and add a sauce of your choosing (eg, tomato).
4. Serve with salad vegetables of your choice.
5. Do not drink with your meal. If thirsty, have a glass of water at least 20 minutes before or after eating.

Exercise of the week

Are you getting enough of the right sort of exercise?

Exercise is vital to achieving both optimal mental as well as physical health. There are several forms of exercise. One of the most common is toning and weight-lifting which is often employed to alter body shape and appearance. Unfortunately, exercise like this does nothing to help the mind and body’s overall sense of well being. Instead, you should opt for more aerobic exercise, which works by increasing heart rate, metabolism and flow of oxygen to the brain and other organs.

This week’s recommendation is skipping. Skipping is a favourite of boxers, who swear by it for increasing pulse rate and strengthening their body’s muscles and internal organs.

As with all exercises, take it slowly and build up gradually. Draw up a realistic exercise plan that you can stick to. Start with 5-10 minutes every other day and take it from there. It’s best to skip outdoors in a fresh and open air environment. Wear loose, cotton clothing. Make sure you buy a decent quality and length of rope. Try different ‘tricks’ or forms of skipping to keep it fun and interesting.


Each week, Optimnem course students have the chance to put their own questions direct to Daniel. He will answer EVERY question that is sent to him by a course student, and a selection of the questions and answers will be written up in the lessons each week for the benefit of the other students.

Q: Is there any limit to the amount of data the human memory can absorb?
A: Not that I know of! The human memory is made up of literally billions of brain cells and is the most beautifully complex and fascinatingly designed machine ever created in my opinion. No computer can truthfully compete with the brain’s optimal abilities.

Q: Why did you set up the ‘Mnemon Clubs Network’ and what is it for?
A: The Mnemon Clubs Network was set up to help promote the concept of ‘Mental Literacy’. The 21st Century has already been designated as the ‘Century of the Brain’. I want to do what I can to contribute to the growing international culture of learning and excellence that has been inspired in recent decades by the re-introduction of these sorts of concepts and programmes. Specifically, the Network brings like-minded people together, people interested in improving their mental capabilites and perhaps trying out Memory Sport.

Q: What encouraged you to become a ‘Memory Master’?
A: I have always had an interest in the human mind and its wonderful abilities. After I began to study the techniques and ideas that are the basis for the Optimnem course, I got more and more excited about the prospects open to me and others. Besides, it was fun to learn how to remember decks of cards and competing at international level.

Q: I have a REALLY bad memory. Can the Optimnem course help me too?
A: Yes. I specially designed this course into weekly, bitesize lessons with lots of helpful tips, advice, info and links so as to be as accessible and user-friendly a programme as possible. Anyone can benefit from the concepts and techniques taught in these lessons.


Links are always provided each week to webpages and sites with further information and advice related to the concepts, techniques and information discussed in each individual lessons. Full URLs are given, so all you have to do is click on the link and you’ll be connected direct to that webpage. - Comprehensive information on the work and ideas of Optimnem course director, Daniel Tammet. - The Mnemon Clubs Network on Yahoo. Currently with almost 50 members from all over the world.

About the ‘Optimnem’ course

Important info about the course.

There are several programmes out there that claim to improve your Memory and help increase your Mindpower. The Optimnem course is special. Why? Because students have the opportunity to learn from one of the World’s truly leading experts in Memory and Mindpower, a World Championship finalist and internationally acclaimed Mental Literacy advocate. Daniel has designed each of the course lessons himself, and has paid special attention to detail to ensure the lessons are as easy and enjoyable as possible. Course students are free to e-mail Daniel at ANY time and ask him ANY question and they will be guaranteed a reply within 72 hours. This is a unique opportunity to learn life-enhancing lessons directly and personally from a world-class authority.

The Optimnem course is operated alongside the ‘Community Plus’ concept. Students of the course have something in common – they are all interested in improving their mindpower, memory and thinking abilities, and as such have subscribed to the course with that common goal in mind. The Optimnem course encourages a sense of community among its students in several ways:

1. By setting up a yahoo group, exclusive to Optimnem course students, where members can meet with fellow subscribers and exchange ideas, information and hopefully make new friends. There will also be occasional chat sessions with course director, Daniel Tammet.
2. By encouraging course students to e-mail their own questions and comments for the Q&A columns in each week’s lesson. Students are more than welcome to include their name and e-mail address with their questions/comments.
3. By operating a unique ‘Community Plus’ payment scheme.

The Community Plus Payment Scheme

Because the Optimnem course is not run by any big corporations or executive companies, direct and personal contact between student and course director is always assured and is what makes the Optimnem course so special and unique. No videos or audio cassettes to sell, no books or vitamin packages. One of the best features of the new Internet era is the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world from a single computer. Sending lessons by e-mail direct to students keeps my costs low and in turn means that the Optimnem course is very inexpensive and represents excellent value for money.

One of the big opportunities that the Optimnem course provides is the opportunity to help build a vibrant, like-minded community of course students receiving and reviewing the weekly lessons, putting the ideas into practice and sharing their ideas and experiences with fellow students over the net. A great way of encouraging this sense of community-building is to adopt the ‘Community Plus’ payment scheme option.

The Community Plus payment scheme works by asking you to encourage your friends, family members, workmates to join you in subscribing to the innovative Optimnem Mindpower and Advanced Memory skills course. If you succeed in getting one other person to join the course, you both pay less for your subscription! If you are able to encourage more than one person to join up, you all pay even LESS still!

Standard offer for subscription to the Optimnem course is £5.00 ($7.00) per lesson. If you succeed in encouraging one other person to sign up to the course (even for just one lesson) you each pay only £4.00 ($6.00) per lesson. Succeed in getting two other people to join and you each pay only £3.00 ($5.00) per lesson! And if you are able to encourage three or more people to join the course, you each pay only £3.00 ($5.00) for the first 10 lessons, and all lessons thereafter are FREE!

Payment is by cheque or postal order. There is no ‘minimum number of lessons rule’ though I would recommend that course students subscribe for at least 2-3 lessons at a time to save themselves even more money. Please make all cheques payable to ‘DANIEL TAMMET’.

As soon as your cheque has been received and cleared, lessons will be sent each week direct to your e-mail box. As a course student you will also receive a password to access the members only Optimnem yahoo group and you will also be able to contact Daniel himself via his e-mail with any question of your choice.

Interested? Don’t delay!

I only have finite time and resources at my disposal and as much as I would love to help every person who asks me for advice, tips, techniques and other information, I simply cannot do so. The Optimnem course is my way of distinguishing those who are really committed to improving themselves and investing a little into their Mindpower, Memory and Personal development.

Though anyone can join the Optimnem course, there are only a limited number of spaces available. I just do not have the time to give 100% quality service to everyone who might be interested in this sort of course.

So, if you really are interested in improving your Mindpower and Memory for whatever reason, please do consider trying the Optimnem course out for yourself.

?Questions, comments?

E-mail me direct at

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