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Do you Wonder if this Sponge is a Gonzo or a keeper?

Sep 5, 2004
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Pros:Cleans areas that are traditionally very difficult to clean; reusable.


The Bottom Line: I really like my sponge. It amazed me many times and continues to as I try other difficult to clean surfaces.

I’ve read many positive reports on the Mr. Clean Eraser but passed it by in the store. After we were away from home for 3 months we had a lot of dust! To make matters worse we are in the middle of remodeling our house so the dust, particles of wood and dirt were everywhere. When I saw Gonzo Wonder Sponge made by Magic American I bought it.

About this sponge:

I paid $3.99 for the sponge at Home Depot so I figured if it didn’t do what it claims I wasn’t out a lot of money. This sponge is close to 3” wide and 6” long and 1 3/8” deep. That’s a thick sponge. All sides of the sponge can be used before it is washed and since it is so thick you can get a lot of cleaning done with this before you wash it.

It is very dense with an almost rubber feel to it. It is made with all natural materials and is environmentally safe. What is nice is that I don’t have to bother with a spray for many of the items I could use spray for- my knotty wood, for example. It is the kind of material that you would want to play with and pick apart if you were bored!

The claims to what it will clean are many. We are told it can be used to clean lampshades, upholstery, brick, wallpaper, dashboards, books, oil paintings, woodwork, painted walls, computer screens, vents, soot from fireplaces, ceiling tile, suede, copy machine toner from your clothes and hands and baseboards. These are just examples. It will clean almost everything. I haven’t used it to clean everything on this list but I have used it to clean many of these items.

How to use Gonzo Wonder Sponge:

The sponge is used dry. It should never be used wet. I just hold it in my hand and with an even motion remove dust/dirt from the top of what I am cleaning to the bottom. It will become dirty on one side (how fast depends on what you are cleaning.) so just turn it over and use the other side or the sides of it. It can then be washed with soap and water. Let it dry completely before using it again. Gonzo should not be stored near heat or in direct sunlight.

My experiences- does it work?

The Wonder Sponge works. It works on items that traditionally have been very hard for me to clean. I am not much of a cleaner anyway so if I can’t clean it easily, I don’t. The first thing I tried it on was a lampshade. This one was in my husband’s office, by a window. Since I rarely touch his office the lampshade was very dusty. I followed the directions and the dust came off the lampshade. Some of it was on the sponge, some of it got removed in clumps and was on his desk so then I had to clean his desk but at least it was in clumps and easy to find.

The next challenge was my fireplace screen. If you have one you know that it is futile to attempt to clean this with a paper towel or any kind of clothe because the material gets caught in the screen. This was amazing. I wiped from top to bottom and the soot, dust and dirt fell to the floor again in clumps. Some of it was on the sponge but a lot fell making it really easy for me to pick up. The screen has never been cleaner!

The next challenge was my fireplace. The package says it will clean soot from fireplaces so I tried. My fireplace is made of brick. Brick is another material that is so hard to clean with any kind of towel again because it gets caught. Gonzo wiped the soot off! This soot turned the sponge black in the area I was wiping it with but it worked and I still had plenty of room on the sponge for other uses. I store it as directed but cleaned more.

My knotty pine is hard to clean. Knotty pine is uneven and if you go around my house I’m sure you’ll find remnant of paper towels in an attempt to clean the walls and doors. Gonzo cleaned the pine and didn’t leave any sponge behind.

I used it to clean my computer screen and my husband’s. I didn’t think anything but a special computer screen cleaner would get his clean. The sponge did. I just wiped them both down and the dust and dirt came off really well. I did the same with my television screens.

The only item I didn’t have luck with was my microwave oven vent. The vent is not only dirty but also sticky. I had no luck cleaning this with Gonzo and have to use spray on this sticky area and a paper towel. I also couldn’t get the sponge into the small vent areas so I can’t say to depend on it for that kind of item. It will clean the top of the microwave but in my case that was a no go.

I have washed it once, let it dry and have used it again. It dries easily and then looks clean again. Perhaps not brand new but the black from my fireplace washed away. I can’t say this is a forever product. However it will last you for months as long as you are not doing what I am doing right now and playing with it while I look at it. It seems to be in layers and those layers almost can be peeled away. Eventually it will have to be replaced but it is well worth the money. If I didn’t use it any more it would have done what I couldn’t do with any other cleaner but it does still have a lot of life left in it.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with Gonzo Wonder Sponge.

Jo’s Final Thoughts:

I have dozens of products in this category I could review. I very rarely do. However I wanted to review this sponge because it really does work. (Thanks to mind-full for adding this for me.) It is well worth the price, easy to use, eliminates other products such as wood cleaner in many cases, cleans items that are difficult to clean traditionally and can be used over and over again.

There is no bad smell to this sponge. It does have a rubber odor but not a dirty odor. This is a thumbs up.

Please feel free to leave me a question or comment. I will try to answer it or find the answer.

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