Not very good. Not very good at all.

Sep 5, 2004
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My roommate has one of these, and before I got an Avanti, I used it also.

The best word to describe this unit is small, which in fact is a compliment. Microscopic would be a better fit. As can be seen from the picture, no reasonable amount of food can be stored in it. And when two people are sharing it, it becomes even smaller. The way that the inside is built disables it from being more than a wine closet, or a place for a busy executive to store his mineral water and lunch until 11am.

It can get quite cool, but when full, it's not very cold, even at it's high setting.

Bottom line: if you have a realistic amount of food, go for a bigger unit. Don't expect to use this like a real refrigerator; it's only suitable for a few pops and a sandwich.

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