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Ziploc Storage Bags: Another Exceptional Product From The SC Johnson Family!

Sep 7, 2004
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Pros:Strong, easy to open and close zipper, tons of uses.

Cons:Some might say they are a bit expensive but they are well worth it!

The Bottom Line: Dr. Evil to Scott Evil ... "zip it .. zip it good ..."

Some people might look at a zipper style plastic bag and think nothing of it … some people might even [gasp] have one box of bags that they use for everything from freezing foods to storing non-perishable items in. The storage bags are something that any household can benefit from and not just in the kitchen; I am always finding new uses for them and have yet to have any issue with them working perfectly each and every time they are used. Sure you can skimp and buy the off brand bags but when it comes to protecting something important or when storing food in the refrigerator – Ziploc is the name that I trust. Given that there are so many different sizes available and different quantities per size, nine times out of ten, this is the brand that I choose. So when do I do I reach for the store brand over Ziploc? Most of the time it’s when the Ziploc’s aren’t on sale, I don’t have a coupon or they are out of them; and yes, you guessed it, the Rite Aid brand is the one that I usually go with in this case.

Ziploc Storage Bags

For a while I was hooked on the zipper bags with the pull tabs on the tops; while this does ensure a tight seal it isn’t practical when you are using these to store flat items. Eventually the impression of the tab wears into bags placed on top of it or the weight of bags placed on top will ruin what ever is stored in the bags. Call me picky but if I am going to use plastic zipper styled bags for storing non food items, I don’t want the items getting ruined. The only alternative is to have the bags hang, sort of like hanging file folders. While this might be a great way to organize things it does take up a lot of space and after all, that’s why most people opt to use bags to store things rather than boxes or plastic containers.

So for me, the flat zip lock style bags are the best choice … that might not be what works best for you so give them a try before you completely rule them out. So how strong are they? Well, they aren’t strong enough to make your own waterbed – but outside of that, they will hold pretty much anything you can shove or stuff in them. If you are wondering about the waterbed comment … one of the boys got the bright idea that he would make his own waterbed by filling about a hundred of the gallon sized bags. The result was a completely soaked carpet, one very irate freakmamma and the dashed dream of a little boy who wanted a waterbed but his “meanie mommy” wouldn’t cave in and buy one. Outside of that, these bags will hold just about anything – from small tools to toy game pieces that are easily lost, crayons and markers, stickers, soiled diapers … the list is almost endless. About the only thing these aren’t good for are holding sharp things like nails, screws and things that could break like glass items. The larger ones are great for paints too, I store all my seasonal colors in them to protect them from leaking as well as keeping them from drying out; the trick is to push out as much air as possible and seal the bag tight. This won’t work well to contain smells though, if you have scented seasonal items that you are looking to store, you may want to double bag them or put them into smaller bags then into one large one. I learned this the hard way when I stored some potpourri with some Christmas items; while the smell didn’t bother me it would have been a complete disaster had there been other scented things in the same storage container.


One Quart
10 bags per box
25 bags per box
50 bags per box

These are the perfect size for storing smaller items like sandwiches, pizza slices, cut up fruits and vegetables, cookies and crackers. Outside of food items these can be used to store compact and floppy discs to save space when traveling or on the road, small craft items [popsicle sticks, cross stitch floss, markers etc], cosmetics, first aid supplies and my personal favorite – baby wipes. Toss a few of them into one of these bags and press out the air, this eliminates the need to purchase the over priced ‘travel size’ container and you can refill it as often as necessary. The wipes also stay moist and you don’t have to fumble with resealing a flimsy plastic package that always seems to pop open.

One Gallon
8 bags per box
20 bags per box
40 bags per box

Great for storing larger food items like steaks, chicken breasts, watermelon, pita bread and ideal for marinating meat or fish for grilling. I use this size when I am preparing boneless skinless chicken thighs for the grill; just add the meat then the marinade and mix, press out all the excess air and toss it in the fridge. For non-food items – comic books, school workbooks, loose leaf paper, flat craft items [stencils, press on transfers etc], game instruction sheets and more. I use these to organize all the Lego instruction booklets and sheets according to series – it makes them easier to find and keeps them from getting damaged.

Two Gallon
12 bags per box

There aren’t many food uses for this sized bag because of the enormous size of it but it is great for when you are marinating a large amount of food or are preparing for a large picnic. Using these will save space when transporting coleslaw, fruit or potato salad and is a must have to keep plastic flatware and plates clean but readily accessible. The two gallon size is exceptional for when you are traveling. You can toss dirty clothes [undies, socks etc] into it to keep the smell to a minimum, use them for quick access toys for the kids and lose snacks like miniature candy bars and chips. These do cost a little more than the other sizes and there are fewer bags per package but when you need to store larger items, this is the best pick.

Newest Marketing Tool

While cruising around the Ziploc site I saw the press release about the newest member of the family – the “ultra convenient portable pouch” – a fancy term for a smaller number of bags per box, rather in this case a pouch. To me this is a great idea that they should have had on the shelves years ago – but wait – could it be that possibly .. maybe … some time in the near future they will have an assortment pack of bags as well? Wouldn’t that be a great thing to have in your vehicle – no more wasting a huge bag for a small chore or having to fumble with a small bag when you need a medium sized one.

Company Information

If you are interested in learning more about the other Ziploc products, please visit their official website at You can also call their toll free customer service number with complains, comments, kudos or suggestions; do so at [800] 494-4855. Having trouble finding a Ziploc product in your area? Never fear, you can order them online from the parent website at Don’t forget the check out the Clean Home Journal section of the website where you can sign up for coupons, freebies and get advanced notifications of new products.

The Bottom Line

While it might seem silly to get so excited about a plastic storage bag, these are the top of the line in my opinion. Aside from one of the brood trying to make his own waterbed from them, I’ve had no complaints about them. They are easy to open and close, well worth the suggested retail price [never pay full price people, buy them on sale and use a coupon!] and can be used for pretty much anything you want to store, keep fresh or take on the road with you. These are also great when you have a lot of kids traveling with you; you can write their name on the bag and toss their personal effects in it to keep bickering and fighting to a minimum. Since there are so many sizes to choose from you can use the larger ones for games, coloring books, crayons and ‘bus items’ and the smaller ones for snacks and treats. If you’ve ever tried the Ziploc Storage Bags I am sure you will agree that they are worth the money and if you’ve never checked them out … take it from a mom who is always on the run – these will make your life a little more organized without costing you an arm and a leg.

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2004 Freak369

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