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Sep 12, 2004 (Updated Sep 12, 2004)
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Pros:Fast, Cleans quickly, Custom sammiches, Price is reasonable, Looks good

Cons:Safety issues (generic), Not grilled cheese maker, Latch useless, ? Healthiness

The Bottom Line: It's earned some valuable counter/cabinet space in our home...

Briefly, The grill makes grilled sandwiches with a variety of ingredients. It takes ~3-4 minutes to toast the bread & melt the cheese, it can make ~4 sandwiches at a time.

My favorite is ham, cheddar, swiss, turkey layered on a sourdough bread with Miracle Whip, with the outside of the sandwich buttered. The neat thing is we make custom sandwiches for everyone in the family, like a short order grill (parents will appreciate this, "Dad, I hate the swiss cheese.").

Grilled cheese lovers should look elsewhere, as for me & my youngest daughter, it smashes commercial bread too flat/thin & melts the cheese product too quickly (yes, I buy Velveeta & make grilled cheese sandwiches, but on the stove in a non-stick pan), making a pretty serious, hot, burning mess in the Krups.

The latch on the right side of the handle has been problematic, and seems to latch at the wrong times, I've finally bent it completely out of the way so it's useless now.

Cleaning isn't too painful, I just never allow it to become too dirty, and wipe it down when it's still warm (not hot)

Safety: As with all kitchen appliances, it's not particularly kid safe, cord is perm attached, outside gets warm, inside can provide 3rd degree burns quickly.

Owned/used for: Bought from Amazon ~8 months ago for ~$40.

Healthiness: I don't want to know about trans fats & grilled/fried foods, but I suspect it's not the most healthy meal in the world, but it sure makes tasty sandwiches.

For those looking for a George Foreman type indoor grill, look elsewhere, this isn't an indoor grill to make hamburgers on, after all it is a sandwich maker.

Bottom line at the Pliablemoose house: It has become another useful item in our kitchen, right up there with the G. Foreman, rice cooker, food processor, slow cooker(s)...

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