Arm & Hammer Vacuum Free Foam Carpet Deodorant

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Arm and Hammer - A Product That Won't Kill My Vacuum!!!

Sep 13, 2004 (Updated Jun 10, 2006)
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Pros:It is a time saver.

Cons:I love this product.

The Bottom Line: I love it.

What is it? It is Arm & Hammer's Vacuum Free! I had saw this product first at Walmart, and am now seeing it all over. You can pick it up for usually around three dollars a can, and about two dollars at your dollar discount stores.


Vacuum Free is a wonderful Carpet/Deodorizer that you do not have to vacuum up. The can itself is normally in the 10.5 oz, but I have purchased it in the 15 oz bonus size can as well. This is almost 43% more. It pays to shop around.

I know that they come in a few different scents. I normally purchase mine in the Island Mist scent, but I have also tried the Pet Fresh. Island Mist smells fabulous, and a little really goes a long way. It comes in a colorful can with an island and flowers on the can. The blue can of Pet Fresh smells Okay, but that is just my preference. The Pet Fresh works wonders on pet odors!

Vacuum Free claims that, "It Absorbs and Eliminates Odors, Is safe for use around pets, fast drying, Contains baking soda, and won't leave a residue."

You shake the can of your favorite scented Vacuum Free, and then press the spray cap while pointing down. A rich foam will appear on your carpets as you are sweeping your can back and forth across your carpets.

Let your carpet dry for about five minutes, and then you are done. There is no need to vacuum. YEAH!! Once was enough.

Powder vs. Foam

I love this product more than I do the powder type of deodorizers that you shake on to your carpet, and then have to vacuum. Why?

1.It saves time.

2. It also saves me from having to constantly change my vacuum cleaner bags.

3. I do not have to double work myself by vacuuming up a powder.

4. My vacuum is less heavy because it doesn't have a bunch of powder in it.

5. I love the scent. It is pretty strong, so I don't have to use as much.

6. I feel like I am getting the better deal from the foam, than I am from the powder. I have to use a lot of powder on my carpets, while I could get away with a few wisps here and there by using the foam.

7. Could prolong the life of my vacuum?!?

Other Reasons Why I Love this Product

I like to use this product on my sofa after we have a family member that smokes a cigar in my home. It eliminates all of the smell on my carpet and sofa. The carpet and sofa dry really fast. I also have dogs, and a cat that live in my home. They are not allowed on the furniture, but when I am gone, I am sure they have a party lounging on my sofa.

Someone forgot to roll their windows up in my car one day, and it happened to rain. I let my windows down to dry out the seat, and sprayed a bit of Vacuum Free inside the interior. It did a great job of removing the musty smell in my car.

I worry about my pets and the powders. I don't want my animals to inhale any of these types of powders. I feel much safer with the foam. I have a little Dachsund that is always coughing and spitting up due to her allergies. I have not had as much of a problem with that when I decided to switch to the Vacuum Free. As with all chemicals whether they claim they are safe to use around your pets or not, I always place my pets in another room until I am done treating the room.

I use my Vacuum Free once a day in the morning, after vacuuming, or whenever needed. My home always smells great. I have no complaints. I have never experienced a residue, or any difference in feel of my carpet.


Keep this product away from children. Make sure you keep your can away from sun and heat. This can is under pressure, and could burst. Keep it away from your eyes.

Test product in hidden area of carpet.

Please read the directions for yourself, as I just briefly went over them.

Here is the number off of the can if you have any questions, 1-800-524-1328, and a website,


My whole family, including the dogs, prefer the Vacuum Free over the powder. I think it is economical, and works hard to eliminate odors in my home.

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