Maxtor Hard Drive Warranty

May 24, 2001

The Bottom Line If you don't need to store data for a long time, then you may like a Maxtor hard drive. The warranty lets you get a refurbished drive, not new.

Maxtor hard drives, In my opinion, wear out rather quickly, although they are very nice to have when they work as they are faster and cheaper than most hard drives. If a hard drive does fail, however, you may have it replaced because most Maxtor drives come with some sort of warranty; from 6 months to many years. Some things you may want to know about the warranty is that the service is great when dealing with people on the phone at the Maxtor company (although you may have to wait on hold for a while!).The sales representatives are overall friendly and treat customers with great respect. The service reps are quick to help customers out and they seem to be very knowledgeable in their fields.

I know that not all Maxtor hard drives wear out rather quickly, but in my experience this is what has happened. I've been told by some that they have had Maxtor hard drives last for more than 3 years with no problems. So, perhaps I've just had a bad experience, but I'll write about that.

The Maxtor company will allow you to order a new hard drive and get it before you even have to send the old one that is broken, to them. If you do not send them your old hard drive, then your credit card will be charged. You are allowed about a month before you have to send it. Getting your new drive only takes a couple of weeks; a month at the most. The bad thing about Maxtor is that they do not send you brand new drives to replace your broken one with. This may mean that your "new" drive will not last very long, although they are refurbished drives and are supposed to work just as well as a new one, they may not last as long.

The refurbished hard drives aren't very dependable. Hard drives are very important and the last thing you need is to be getting new hard drives all the time! You want to store your information for long periods of time. Some people do not have the funds or time to backup their hard drives on other systems so information lost may be crucial to business success or failure. Maxtor's warranty isn't good enough as they do not send out new hard drives. In my opinion, they should replace your drive with an equal or better drive to show that you are really important as a customer.

Maxtor drives aren't necessarily bad, but the warranty that covers them is what needs a tune up. They should know that refurbished drives aren't quite as dependable as a brand new one. I guess having a hard drive at all is better than nothing, though.

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