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Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser, Better than the Powder?

Sep 25, 2004 (Updated Oct 22, 2004)
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Pros:Works great.

Cons:I seem to get more uses out of the powder than the liquid.

The Bottom Line: I recommend this product if you are sensitive to harsh chemicals.

I am a big fan of Bar Keepers Friend products. I especially love their cleaning powders. Several months ago I had first received a sample of Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser in the mail, and have been hooked on it ever since. I can find this product in my local grocery store for around $2.49 a bottle. I now purchase both the powder, or the liquid, depending on my mood.


Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser comes with the power of Citric Acid. That seems to be the only ingredient found on the bottle. Bar Keepers Friend claims that "This product is made without harsh chemicals or bleach."

The bottle itself is tall, skinny, and white. It comes highlighted in gold, blue, and red. There isn't many warnings on the bottle. In a nut shell, it basically says that if you get this product in your eyes, you should flush it out, and not to mix this product with any other chemical. There is a blue flip top cap for easy pouring.


Barkeepers Friend Liquid Cleanser claims that it will, "Make cleaning quick and simple, and will eliminate difficult soap scum. hard water deposits, and leave a brilliant shine."

It claims that it will clean, "Fiberglass, cultured marble, porcelain, stainless steel, tile, chrome, ceramic/glass, and many others."

My Experiences with this product

I follow the directions by, "Shaking well before Using. Squeeze onto we surface or damp sponge, then rub surface gently, and Rinse clean." I have never done a test area to make sure this product would not ruin any of my older finished products, like Bar Keepers warns that you should. I have not had any problems with scratching, dulling, or anything of that like.

I have used this product in my stainless steel kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, and kitchen counters, with excellent results. I am not scrubbing all day. The process is quick and easy to rinse.


I like to use this product on my counter tops in the kitchen. Being that it does not contain harsh chemicals, I feel a bit safer about using it in the kitchen. I also feel safer, because this product has a cap, unlike some of the powdered cleanser I have used. This product is very gentle on my skin, and it is one of the fewer products that I have used without gloves.

I love the way that this product does not leave a residue on my stainless steel kitchen sink. It is very easy to rinse unlike many of the powder types of cleansers. My bathroom sinks come out bright and whiter, than when I had started.


I am not sure how others will perceive the smell of this product. I like it. It smells like a good old fashioned clean. It has a unique smell that I can not explain, but I do not feel that it smells a lot like citrus. The smell of my kitchen is fantastic after using this product. This product tends to be on the stronger side, but yet I don't feel the need to open all of the windows in my home for ventilation.


I feel that I get my moneys worth more with the powder type of cleaner, rather than the liquid. I seem to get more uses out of the powder than the liquid.

While I find that this product is easy to pour, sometimes a bit more than expected can come out. I sometimes forget to shake this product, and have made a very minor mess when I went to pour.


I like this product. It is a bit more expensive, but easier to work with that it's powder form. It does not last as long as the Barkeepers powder. I am a repeat purchaser.

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