Zinsser Qt Bin Primer Sealer

Zinsser Qt Bin Primer Sealer

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Excellent - How to use Bin.

Oct 3, 2004 (Updated Oct 5, 2004)
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Pros:Superior adhesion, fast drying, suppresses stains and odors.

Cons:Needs know-how, proper equipment and developed skill.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this product. It works as indicated on the label. It prevents coating failure, which can only be managed by encapsulation once it occurs.

I am a professional contractor. Here is what you need to know. Bin is an alcohol-based primer, which means it out-gases significantly when drying and requires very specific clean up. However, Bin adheres to nearly any previous coating with little preparation.

Protect yourself with disposable gloves and an activated charcoal mask made to filter VOC's (volatile organic solvents). Provide as much ventilation as possible. DO NOT use a dust mask. If you smell fumes, you are not protected.

Wipe-down the previous surface with liquid sandpaper or give it a light scuff with fine steel wool (Bin does not require this but it is always a sound measure). Apply Bin with a quality brush, either polyester or boor bristle will do. Squeegee excess Bin from the brush by drawing it across the can brim before each set of strokes. Bin is thin and will run if the brush is overloaded. Move quickly, working the wet edge. Wipe mistakes with a paper towel dipped in denatured alcohol. Let dry for an hour before finish painting. READ and FOLLOW instructions on packaging.

Clean up with denatured alcohol, followed by Park's Brush Cleaner. Use a fine brass brush to work remaining material out of bristles. Do a final wash with soap and water for polyester and mineral spirits for boor bristle. After brush dries thoroughly, it may be used for other typical applications.

I highly recommend this product. It prevents poor adhesion and coating failure, which is every painter's worst fear. Bin is a well-chosen ounce of prevention.

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