Windex Multi-Surface Wipes with Vinegar

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Windex Multi-Surface Wipes with Vinegar ~ Handy Helpers

Sep 30, 2004
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Pros:Convenient, cleans well with no streaking, leaves no lint

Cons:Dries out if you don't seal package carefully, unpleasant scent

The Bottom Line: Convenient to use and store. Good for quick cleaning jobs on hard surfaces.

When it comes to cleaning, anything that will help make things easier and more convenient are a real plus in my book. I found that I tend to use wipes for anything and everything. Recently I decided to add Windex Multi-Surface Wipes with Vinegar to my collection of cleaning products.

~ Product Description

Windex Wipes come in a soft, plastic resealable package containing 25 pre-moistened wipes. The wipes are folded inside, in a style similar to Kleenex. Each wipe measures 7" x 10". These are ammonia free, and boast a Fresh Scent, or at least Windex thinks so. I found my package of Windex Wipes for $2.50 at my local grocery store.

These wipes are designed for streak free cleaning on hard surfaces such as glass, appliances, countertops, sinks, mirrors, tile, toilet seat, tub. Use them in your car for vinyl seats, dashboard, etc., or general cleaning around the house.

To use, just open the resealable package, pull out a wipe, and clean. Remember to carefully seal the package after removing a wipe or the rest will dry out. Clean, and when the wipe becomes dirty, throw away. Dispose of these in the trash, do not flush.

Windex includes a tip that for best results on glass, avoid use when the glass is in direct sunlight or is hot to the touch. This may cause streaking and limit the amount of surface you can cover with one wipe.

Nowhere on the packaging are ingredients listed. It just says there is no ammonia. I think Windex should have included the ingredients list, but oh well...

Cautions: There is a notice that these wipes are not for personal hygiene use or as a baby wipe (duh!). Windex Wipes are not for use on wood, food cooking utensils, plates, glasses, or upholstery. Before using on an unknown surface, it's suggested you test on an inconspicuous area first. Do not use these with other household cleaners. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

~ My Experience

I've got a package of Windex Multi-Surface Wipes with Vinegar in each of my two bathrooms, and in my car. I've found they are very handy for quickly cleaning mirrors and sinks, counters and tile in the bathrooms. The package is easy to store underneath the vanity. That way I don't have to clean with a paper towel or cleaning cloth plus a bottle of cleaner. Note though, these do not disinfect.

The wipes are very soft and cloth-like. They don't leave lint, are quite sturdy, and won't snag. I find the size large enough for most quick cleaning jobs. They are moistened just right - not so much that it runs down your arm, yet moist enough to clean well and last for a while before drying out.

There is a scent to these, but I wouldn't call it "fresh." They smell rather like Windex. I can't really smell vinegar either. The scent isn't overpowering, so it's not a big deal, but I do think Windex could have made these with a better scent. They do say "Fresh Scent!", but I dunno, they kind of stink really.

Windex Wipes do clean well however, and they don't leave streaks. Of course these are intended for small cleaning jobs, not hardcore deep cleaning.

~ Final Thoughts

Windex Multi-Surface Wipes with Vinegar are handy to have around for quick cleaning jobs around the house, for the car, patio or boat. The scent isn't great, but it is light and not all that noticeable. Being able to just dispose of the wipe keeps everything sanitary. The package is easy to store. But just be sure to carefully reseal the package, because somehow I managed to leave it open one time and the rest of the wipes became totally dried out and useless. Although I did try wetting them and they sort of worked, but not as well. So just keep that in mind.

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