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Oct 7, 2004 (Updated Oct 7, 2004)
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The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this book to any one who is looking to enhance their lives.

Frankly I am surprised that no one has yet written a review on this classic Self Help/Success book. After I found out about msmorvay’s Resurrecting the Oldies Book Write Off I realized that this is the type of book that does need to be resurrected and now understand exactly why she would want to have a write off such as this. A great many people of my generation may be aware that this book existed but the younger up and coming generation may not be aware of it all and that is a shame because it is one of the best self help/Success books ever written.

Seeds of Greatness by Denis Waitley consists of ten chapters corresponding to the ten traits of greatness. Each chapter explains what the author means by a particular trait, and gives examples to illustrate what he means, and why he thinks this trait is important. He refers to these traits as “Seeds”

The Ten Traits Are

1. The Seed of Self Esteem
2. The Seed of Creativity
3. The Seed of Responsibility
4. The Seed of Wisdom
5. The Seed of Purpose
6. The Seed of Communication
7. The Seed of Faith
8. The Seed of Adaptability
9. The Seed of Perseverance
10. The Seed of Perspective

Each chapter is broken down into sub chapters and each one is explained either by fact or by example. The author calls these Seeds of Greatness because every action we take either plants a seed for success or for failure.

Some of the vital points in the book are how important it is for us to feel accepted and loved and not rejected. A damaged self esteem is one of the biggest inhibitors of success. If you do not feel good about your self you hide a part of your self in the shadows and can never be as successful as your potential. Also the book points out that it is not only necessary to nurture your own self esteem but to nurture other’s self esteem as well. The book sites examples of good and bad ways to nurture other people’s self esteem by changing your wording to be more appropriate, instead of calling someone a liar you could say, “That does not match my input. Let’s check it out together.”

The book also gets into improving your own creativity by being careful what you watch as some television is like mental junk food. He also gives a diagram of the brain showing its left and right hemisphere and what part of the brain is responsible for what things.

Things such as positive reading, visualization, and seeking out positive role models are very important lessons to be learned in this book. Though this is not what I would refer to as a religious book the author does give some examples of the bible in order to portray positive behaviors, some scriptures are quoted.

The main message of the book is that love is very powerful when it comes to being successful. Love for ones self, and for his fellow man and also how being and feeling loved helps to instill confidence in us and therefore makes us more successful.

There are as I said bible versus, there are also little boxes throughout that contain key quotes of the book. There are examples and there are lists such as The Seven C’s of Control. There are quotes, there is even poetry all to help illustrate the thoughts of the author and to better help the reader understand where he is coming from. All of these things help to break up the monotony that some self help books may have going from paragraph to paragraph possibly boring the reader. These little quotes and lists may it easy to go back and refer to the book when you need to reinforce a behavior.

The author Denis Waitley is an internationally known authority on personal development. He has also written another very popular book (back in that time period) called Quantum Fitness. With this book the author seeks to help you, “Recognize the SEEDS OF GREATNESS within you and to make them grow.”

Some people have compared this book to such classic self help and success books as Think and Grow Rich, and the Greatest Salesman in the World. I agree for the most part but found this book much easier to read than Think and Grow Rich which at times became monotonous for me.

This book is an easy read with a nice flow to it. The personal examples as well as examples of others such as executives and Olympic athletes as well as the, quotes, poems, illustrations, lists, etc. make this book an extremely easy read, that is easy on the eye balls.

This book is not full of a lot of hot air. The author makes sense and is straightforward with his information. I found this book to be very beneficial to me and found that I did make improvements in my life by adapting some of the practices outlined in the book and by attempting to change some of my behavior especially towards others as suggested by the book. This is one of those books that you can look back on and say, “How could I have handled that differently or better?” The book shows that just by being aware and by making small subtle attempts to improve our selves that we can all be successful if that is what we truly desire.

If things are not quite going the way you want to in your life or if they are but you think that you would benefit from reading some good solid advice then you should get a copy of this book. I highly recommend it. The book was written several years ago, but the information it contains is timeless.

Since this is a classic self help/Success book you may be able to still find it in bookstores. However it may be easier to find on used sites such as or Marketplace.

A special thank you to msmorvay for sponsoring this very enlightening write off. If you would like more information about this write off or would like to join in please go to her profile page.

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