Ajax Antibacterial Orange Dishwashing Liquid

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Antibacterial & Washes Dishes!

Oct 26, 2004 (Updated Apr 10, 2007)
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Pros:Clean Scent, Antibacterial, Dual Purpose

Cons:Nothing I have found

The Bottom Line: I would highly recommend in all homes!

04/10/07 - As of today I still use Ajax Antibacterial Orange Dishwashing Liquid. Please let me know if you have tried this or if you are using it also!

Haven't you heard of Colgate or Palmolive? I don't think there is a person among us who hasn't. Both are a common household name. They are also the manufacture for AJAX Antibacterial Orange Dish and Hand Soap. That's right, you heard me correctly HAND AND DISH SOAP! Sure there are a lot of makers on the market today, but whom do you really trust? Most people know the name of AJAX from the scouring powder. But not anymore. They have evolved!

AJAX Antibacterial Orange has been in my kitchen for a while now. It is a liquid soap that has a dual purpose. You can use it to wash dishes and clean your hands. The best thing is that you can normally find it at your local supermarket for under $2.00!

The liquid soap is orange color and not very thick. It is not liquidly like water, however it is not a thick soap. AJAX Antibacterial Orange has a fresh orange scent, which is not over powering. The scent leaves a pleasant smell while you are hand washing your dishes. AJAX Dishwashing Soap also comes in Spring Flowers and Lemon scents. These other two products are NOT antibacterial which is why we only use the Orange scent.

AJAX Antibacterial Soap is excellent for cutting tough grease on dishes. I am not one to clean up right after dinner so the plates normally have caked on residue from dinner. I just squeeze a small amount of AJAX into my hot dishwater and within a few minutes, all built on residue from dinner washes away effortlessly. This also holds true for pots and pans. The soap when placed in water makes the water sudsy but not overly bubbly.

AJAX Antibacterial Soap is also excellent for washing your hands after food handling. Not only does it leave your hands feeling soft and pleasant smelling, but it is also an Antibacterial soap, which kills germs. I am one of those people that wash my hands constantly while in the kitchen. My children and husband use the kitchen sink to wash their hands and have learned that a little soap goes a long way when using AJAX Antibacterial Soap.

Information: AJAX Antibacterial Soap is not recommended to be used with chlorine Bleach. DO NOT USE in Automatic Dishwasher! Of course common sense folks, Keep Out of the Reach of Children especially if they are known to taste anything they touch!

Active Ingredient: Triclosan
Other Ingredients: Water, Magnesium and/or Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfaonate, ammoniym laureth sulfate, Sodium xylenessulfonate, SD alcohol 3-A, Laurel polyglucose, Laurylamidoproptlamine oxide, Magnesium sulfate, Sodium bisulfate, fragrance, Prntasodium pentetate, DNDN Hydantoine, D&C Orange No 4.

1-800-338-8388 Consumer Affairs Toll-Free
Colgate/Palmolive Company
Website: http://www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/HomePage.cvsp

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