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Jun 1, 2001 (Updated Jun 3, 2001)

The Bottom Line These are must see Teenage movies for any movie buff, and if you are a teen especially!

Well after writing some of my top 10 lists, and leaving out my favorite movie, Goonies, from one, I felt I needed to redeem myself,quickly!

I was recently watching a movie that reminded me how many wonderful Teenage movies there are out there. Now remember you don't have to be a teenager to watch these movies, just be young at heart, or have been a teenager once before, so I believe we all have been at that point at least once in our lives!

Choosing my list was a very difficult one since there are so many great movies made for teens out there. So I made my selections by some simple criteria. The following criteria had to be met. It had to revolve around or be about teenagers, 13-19 year old children. I went mostly for high school flicks, that either took place in the high school at some point or actually revolved around a group of friends from a town who were in the age group(Goonies). There were tons of movies I didn't choose including Better off Dead, Can't Buy Me Love, Rock and Roll High School, etc. etc. I mostly went with movies I felt were original or brought something new to a group that would not have watched it in it's original format, such as 10 Things, and She's all That!

These movies are some of my favorite all time Teenage movies:

Bye Bye Birdie-This movie is always going to be near and dear to my heart. Not only did I perform as Kim in my freshman play in High school, my mother did as well, and a young actress named Goldie Hawn (who went to high school with my mother) performed as the Mayorís wife in her version. Growing up I used to listen to my mom talk and talk about this play, and she finally got me to see the movie on VHS as a young teenager. I fell in love with it! Anne Margaretís hypnotic voice, as well as Dick Van Dyke hysterical performance, you just canít help but fall in love with this movie. I promise you it is a great movie. "Time to say goodbye, bye-bye!"

10 Things I Hate About You-Taming of the Shrew for the twentieth century, who would think that this would work? At first I was totally against seeing this movie, but I watched it on video when it first came out, and it was amazing! I mean who can't help but laugh at a father who is raising two teenage girls, one who is boy crazy, and one who is just plain mean. What is the best is the father is constantly talking about his work as an obstetrician! I remember the first time I sat down and My mom and I were watching it and heard the words, "Kissing, doesnít keep me up to my elbows in placenta" , I just about lost it from laughing so hard. This movie is wonderfully acted by Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, with a great supporting cast.

She's All That- This has got to be the funniest rendition of Pygmalion I have ever seen! I always loved the story of Pygmalion, and I loved the play and movie my fair lady, but to take it and to stick the entire idea into modern day high school, well the thought was beyond me, yet it worked! Rachel Leigh Cook, did a great job playing the shy, geeky yet beautiful Laney Boggs, and her Dr. Doolittle was none other than Freddie Prinze, Jr. himself, who plays a very convincing role as a cocky and confused high school big man on campus, Zach Seiler. At the beginning of the movie Zach is jilted by his girlfriend, and makes a bet that he can turn any girl into the prom queen. The friend he makes the bet with chooses Laney, the school outcast as the chosen candidate to turn into the queen of the school in less than 6 weeks! This movie is full of laughs, and at times, you want to cry, your heart even can flutter at moments. The cast consists of some of today's hottest under 21 stars. It is also very well acted and written. I enjoyed it at the age of 26 and I am sure you will enjoy it too!

Never Been Kissed- Well who would think Drew Barrymore could be a geek? Drew is my girl, I love everything she does (minus Charlie's Angels mind you)! This movie came out and I couldn't resist. I had just graduated from college and I saw that Drew Barrymore was playing a 25 year old going back to high school to find out what it was like to be a teenager in todayís world. I was intrigued and saw it opening day! This movie is sometimes very predictable, yet it is very well done, and can take you away from reality for a hour and a half. Drew isn't a very convincing geek, but Michael Varten is an amazing male love interest, and definitely had my heart fluttering the entire movie. The entire cast is great, and can be looked at as some of the popular people of Hollywood. Who ever knew that Jeremy Jordan, the singer could act?!?! Molly Shannon plays the fun loving side kick, and David Arquette is definitely fun to watch! Many of you probably won't agree this is a great teen movie, but I feel that it shows what it is like to be a teenager, even as a young adult looking back on your teenage years, because sometimes we idealize those years, and donít even realize it!

Pump up the Volume-TALK HARD! This movie holds a special place in my heart due to the fact it came out on my birthday and was the first movie I saw in college. The fact of the matter is, it was a very good movie! Christian Slater, portrays a silent by day student who runs a controversial pirate radio show by night. Here we have this good student who is a loner, and too shy to talk to anyone in his new school where his father recently became employed by the school board. He sees things are wrong, and talks about them on his radio show, and upsets many people. When one student finally calls into his show and threatens to kill himself, and actually goes through with it, the radio show becomes discovered by the masses including the government! It is a great movie but is meant for the older teenager. This movie also stars Samantha Mathis, Ellen Green (from Little Shop of Horrors and Broadway) and also has appearances by Seth Green.

Varsity Blues-Take James VanDerBeek, and Paul Walker and stick them both in football uniforms and you have stuff dreams can be made of! I went to see this movie, because I am not ashamed to admit it, I am a fan of Dawson's Creek. I walked away awestruck on how well it was done. Talk about nailing southern football on the head! I lived in Alabama for 9 years, and you want to know how football players are made, watch this movie! The cast is great, and easy on the eyes, besides who can resist the adorable bacon, and Mox's little brother who goes through as many religions as you can imagine(my personal favorite is when he becomes a leader of a cult and say's "These are my people", and his mama says, "Honey, did you start a cult?" in the most admiring tone imaginable!)

Heather's- Ok needless to say this is a cult classic. I remember spending many nights(not saying sober or intoxicated) with my friends, at a fraternity house where our boyfriends of the time resided, looking for how many times we could find (fill in your choice) figures. I mean we counted the number of times there were Christ figure references, how many times phallic comments were made, you name it, we found it in this movie! Oddly enough it was at that time we noticed one of our friends look much like the priest in the movie, but thatís besides the point! It is a fun movie to watch. I personally love the mixture, and Christian Slater and Winona Ryder made an unstoppable team! This is a can't miss teen movie.

Dazed and Confused- Ben Afleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Anthony Rapp, Jeremy London, Parker Posey and let's not forget our favorite Texan who goes around playing the bongo's naked! The list goes on and on of famous people, that were in this film. This movie is about the 70s granted, but it is a funny look on how crazy high school and friendship really is. Of course
Seniors vs. Freshman is an obvious choice here, but the twists of this movie are hysterical. You can't help but laugh out loud when watching how crazy it all is. Despite what you might think, you donít have to be high, drunk or dumb to enjoy this movie!

Can't Hardly Wait- Take every single "Most likely to..." category in your high school year book and roll it into a party. This movie is all about one teenager, played wonderfully by Ethan Embry, who is in love with the "Prom Queen" of the High school. He just found out she was dumped publicly by her long time jerk, jock boyfriend, and now was his chance to tell her how he truly feels, at a graduation party with the entire school attending! This is a laugh a minute that includes a great cast, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green, and even Melissa Joan Hart! You can't help but say hey this person reminds me of so and so when watching this film! I definitely enjoy Jenna Elfman who plays an "angel" of sorts and helps the hero of this movie finally realize he needed to admit his true feelings!

Goonies- Ok this is the entire point of my even writing this epinion so I better make it good! This movie is one of the first movie's that made me realize you always have to keep your dream's in sight, and I have ever since! Whenever I feel like I need a pick me up, I pop this movie into my VCR and watch it, heck after the statue falls, who needs anything else to laugh at. This movie is the epitome of 80s movies that were made for families! Not only do you have a great cast that includes many 80s heart-throb favorites, but you have a great cast in the bad guys as well! If you ever hear someone scream out "Hey you guys" more than likely they are quoting Goonies! This movie shows about tolerance, hope, and courage, all in a roundabout fashion that you don't even realize is being shown to you when you are a child. This is a great movie for kids, teens and even adults! If you haven't ever seen this movie, all I have to say is, go over to Blockbuster, and find it, because this is one of the best of the 20th century!

Now you might be wondering where my brat pack pics and the more famous Teenie bopper movies, such as Ferris Buellerís day off are. My answer to you is, read my other lists, because I donít like to repeat myself!!

Well that is my list, I left many movies that I would love to include off, for many reasons. These are my absolute favorite movies about teenagers, and are must sees for any teens! As a Youth Group Director all of them, with a couple of exceptions, are in my youth lounge library for my students to check out!

Movie's left off that I wish I could have included:
Rock and Roll High School
Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun

Movie's that didnít come close:
Drive Me Crazy (what were they thinking)
Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon(Though I love River Phoenix I hated this movie!)
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure(just not a good movie about teens but a fun movie to watch)
Just One of the Guys

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