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Jun 1, 2001 (Updated Aug 22, 2001)

The Bottom Line Worth Every Penny! Wonderful Support and Nice Looking Sneakers.

One, Two, Three “You know Laur” Four, Five “What you really need is to buy a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers” six, seven, eight. Shaking my head I said no -“These are brand new”. Nine, Ten. Done. Ten of each steps up’s. In case you are curious about this discussion I’d better fill you in...

Last fall I had some major surgery done on my hips. I had pretty intensive physical therapy for six months. Step ups are exercises where you keep one foot on the stair and the other you lower down and step back up the stair with. I do this standing forward and on each side. This strengthens the muscles that were cut through in my thighs and makes me balance. Ah look - balance almost funny this discussion came up right about then.

Dave (my physical therapist) frowned and shook his head. “Yes, I can see they are new Laur.” “Yes they are" I piped up - "I’ve worn Rebok Princess sneakers since I was twenty!”. Poor Dave. “Laur - they aren’t owned by that company anymore. The new manufacturer is producing shoes inferior to their past products.”

“Oh (my turn to frown). Well, I suppose that explains why the sole is different than it used to be. I guess you’re right they don’t seem to feel as good as they used to”.

“What you need to do is buy some New Balance Walking shoes. They are more expensive (to myself I said more expensive than my $40.00 Reboks? I’m not liking this...). You will however find you will like them very much. We recommend them to all of our patients”.

“Ok Dave, I’ll talk to John I guess we’ll have to go shopping”. Thinking to myself this is just great. One more expense I hadn’t planned on since the surgery. Lovely.

That weekend I scoured the Sunday sales flyers - I always try to buy things on sale. Oh look - here are some New Balance shoes! They’re only - “Holy Cow - on sale for $50.00!”. I decide to wait another week to see if I can find a better price (yeah right - I know).

Tuesday at physical therapy my other therapist starts in on me. “You know Laur - what you really need is some more supportive shoes”. I cringed. Thinking to myself - don’t you even suggest orthapedic granny shoes girl or I am outta here.

Seeing the (not so pleasant) look on my face she quickly adds “New Balance makes great sneaks - see that’s what I am wearing now!”. Yeesh what is up with these people? I wonder to myself - does money grow on trees for them or do they get kickbacks from New Balance?

Ok Sue - I’ll talk to John and we’ll have to go shopping.

The next morning we headed out to Sports Authority. After hunting the shelves for a few minutes we found a variety of New Balance Shoes. The prices started at 49.99 and went up as high as $70.00 or more. I’m a mom (on medical leave and on a tight budget. I don’t spend a lot of money on things for myself - kids first you know? I thought my Reboks were good sneakers. Oh boy.

John (my husband) laughed and said “Laurie - good sneakers cost money, you know that by now. Pick out a pair and we’ll find them for you to try on”. One really neat thing about New Balance shoes is that the inside the shoe is printed with what type of sneaker it was - running, walking etc. It was very easy to locate walking shoes because of this.

I started to reply “Yah - but...” “Laur - how about these?” as he stuck a pair in front of my nose. Yuck! I don’t want colors on my shoes. I have to wear the darn things now with everything (for now) - I want white. Ha - there he had me. Just then a salesperson came along and to help us out.

He used a size chart to measure my feet and came back with the size I needed 9D. Hmmm they feel kind of snug. John asked “Are they too tight or just a nicer snug fit than you’re used to?”. Walking up and down the aisle with my crutches I decided they were just snug - not tight.

What was it about these shoes that I liked so much? My New Balance Walking Shoes fit nicely on my feet “like a glove” so to speak. While a couple of ounces heavier than my old Reeboks these remain to be a lightweight sneaker - with good ankle support. My arch was supported as well. It was really just amazing at how much better it felt to walk in these shoes. They are really fantastic. Worth every penny.

I would strongly recommend this brand to anyone. My physical therapists recommend New Balance to everyone. They use New Balance themselves. In fact Dave whom I mentioned above is a runner and he had just ordered a new pair the last time I saw him.

I am well on the road to recovery now. I still have a ways to go - but I am getting there with steady improvement daily. The other day I was looking through a sporting goods catalog and noticed that New Balance also manufactures light hiking sneaks. I know what I’ll be buying in the fall....

To learn more about New Balance I suggest you visit their website. There you will be able to learn more technical information than I can explain in my own words to you here. My New Balance Walking Shoes are #770 and not listed on the website.

You can reach the New Balance website @

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