Beware of Nair

Jun 2, 2001

The Bottom Line Quick'n Easy 4 minute formula that eats up your legs. Try this product with caution. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Who doesn’t like nice smooth legs? Razors, wax, tweezers…women now days use many different kinds of products to make their legs as hairless as can be. Some are less irritating and messy than others are. I am sure you have seen the commercials for Nair. You know the one with the woman running on the beach with shiny, hairless, legs. “Who wears short shorts?” Not me after using Nair that is for sure! After a certain incident with the product “Nair” I feel like I should give a little warning to others.

I first used Nair when I was 12 or 13. I was a little cautious of those sharp razors and I had not gotten over that awful razor cut I got on my ankle after attempting to use one. Well, anyway, when I first used Nair I followed the directions correctly. It did not work AT ALL! I wiped the Nair off and there was that awful hair. I then went on to waxing. Hurt a bit but it worked!

Well, a couple weeks ago I purchased a bottle of Nair. Being eight months pregnant there is no way I can properly shave my legs. A patch of hair here, a patch of hair there…you get the point, it just is not going to happen when you cannot see your feet! Anyway, hoping that it would work this time I picked it up. It was not too expensive, I think two dollars and some change.

Later on that day I ventured into my bathroom and looked over the bottle. Same instructions and everything. Just like I had remembered from five years ago. I followed the simple instructions…skipping the test for allergic reaction. (big no-no!)
I shook the bottle well and poured some into my hand. You are to put it on thickly, but not to rub it in. After four minutes, you are to check a patch and see if worked. If it did not I was to leave it on longer. It says that for most women it will work in four min. It did not for me so I left it on longer. While I was waiting, my skin started to burn. I remembered it did that the first time too, I just thought it was “working”.
Well, I checked again and the patch was hairless. I stepped into the tub and washed off my legs. I had hives all over them and they were all red. Then they started itching awful. I kept running water over them for they would stop burning and itching. It did not work. I got out of the tub and patted dry my legs and immediately put Neosporin on my legs. Instant relief. My legs looked awful. This probably would have been prevented if I had tested for allergic reaction first.

According to the Nair bottle, irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people, EVEN AFTER PRIOR USE WITHOUT ADVERSE EFFECT! Now isn’t that crazy?
How you test for allergic reaction is by applying the lotion to a small part of the area where you are going to remove the hair. Follow the directions on the bottle and wait twenty-four hours. If the skin appears normal then you can go ahead and use it. This is the crappiest thing ever. This means even if you have been using if for years upon years you can still breakout. That calls for testing every time you use this product! I think that is very inconvenient. I say stick with your razors and wax. Nair smells! I bought the apple licious kind, and it still smelled terrible. The normal kind is the nastiest smell ever!

You must test 24 hours before using it…every time! If not, well, look above at my incident with skipping the test. Eek! Not good, not good at all.

To sum it all up… Nair may work for some, but please follow the directions closely. Do not skip the 24-hour test. If you just have to get your legs smooth and you do not have the time to test…. USE SOMETHING ELSE! You legs will thank you.

Just for those curious, the ingredients in this Nair Apple Licious is as follows:
Water, Mineral oil, calcium hydroxide, urea, potassium thiogycolate, cetearl alcohol, cetereth-20, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, D&C Yellow No. 8, Chromium hydroxide Green.

I hope my review of Nair helped you. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to leave them. Thanks for reading and rating!

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