Minwax Tung Oil Finish, 1 Pint

Minwax Tung Oil Finish, 1 Pint

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MINWAX Tung Oil Finish, "Restores Richness and Vitality To Wood"

Nov 17, 2004
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Pros:Simple to use and last a long time.

Cons:An oily feel to the hands when applying.

The Bottom Line: Does a fine job of revitalizing wood and it's pretty easy to use.

A product that is in our home and has been for years is Minwax Tung Oil Finish. The quotes in my heading are directly from the one pint can. Those few words tell this product's story. Tung oil, according to information on the can, has been used for centuries to enhance and protect wood finishes.

The Can

The familiar minwax yellow can with red and black trim has a screw-off top. Some basic warnings are on it like, "Keep Out of Reach of Children", "Danger, Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed", "Eye and Skin Irritant" "Combustible" and "Read carefully other cautions on the back of the can". Those warnings on the back really define the front cautions a bit more and give some direction as to how to use the product, how to store it, and First Aid for swallowing, eye contact, and skin contact.


The can has three illustrations that follow the directions that tell you to
1. Wipe or brush on a generous coat in the direction of the grain.
2. After 5-10 Minutes buff evenly with a clean, lint-free cloth.
3. For additional body and gloss, repeat after 24 hours.

My experience

This is an excellent product for keeping wood looking good without putting on a varnish or other hard finish. The product is oily to the touch and though my skin has never been irritated by the liquid it is a good idea to wear gloves while working with it.

Last year we purchased a new electric fireplace with an oak box and mantle for our newly refinished living room. We decided to protect the wood with Minwax Tung Oil Finish after using a Minwax brand stain.

I prefer to use a brush, especially on the first coat so I can see exactly how much of the product is going onto the wood. I also hope that it soaks in a bit deeper this way. Using a cloth is faster but also seems to use more product due to waste.

After about six or seven minutes I start to to buff the oil soaked wood. I have found that if I wait much longer the oil starts getting a bit tacky and it is difficult to buff. The can does state that if it is too difficult to buff, immediately re-coat with the product.

After buffing the first coat I waited till the next day before applying the second coat. It went on easily and after I buffed it a second time, I had just the finish I wanted. The light golden stained oak looks rich and beautiful. The grain came out a bit deeper and more pronounced with the addition of this product. I have also used tung oil on our wood burning fireplace in our back family room with excellent results. That fireplace has held the natural look without a hard finish for eight years. It is a good idea to re-coat every few years. You can do it more often if you have the desire. Ha, I like that this product lasts a while. I don't want to become a slave to the natural wood finish.

Some Tips

The top can be difficult to re-open once allowed to set a while. The oil sets like a glue. It is important to wipe off as much of the oil as possible when resealing the can. I have been able to use hot running water and pliers to help open the top.

I use throw away inexpensive brushes to apply the product so I don't have to use spirits to clean them after the job is completed.

Just a reminder, this product is not for any woods that have been finished. It's for bare woods and stained woods.

This product does give additional sheen as you put on each coat, so just add an additional coat or two more for an even higher gloss.

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