10 Movies I'd Watch With My Family

Jun 4, 2001

The Bottom Line Family movies are hard to define because everyone has different standards and different families. These are ones I consider the best family movies and why.

There are a large number of good movies for families to sit and watch together, including many I haven’t seen and haven’t included here. (Ones like “Shrek” I’m sure I’ll add after I see them.) But these are all movies that the entire family will enjoy watching together. Once again, I offered some movies that are a little less well known than ones other people might have mentioned.

(10) Remember the Titans - Teach children about hard work, friendship, and overcoming racism while watching a wonderful football movie. The only thing even close to violence is football violence and the only language really are the racist words used, but that’s a great opportunity to talk to kids about racism. The fact that it’s a true story makes it even better.

(9) Newsies - This Disney musical is based on the true story of a strike in the early 1900s by the young men who sold newspapers in New York City. With talented actors such as Bill Pullman, Christian Bale, and Robert Duvall this is one of the best family movies. It has a great story line (although it doesn’t end the same as it did historically), good music and is an all-around wonderful movie.

(8) Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - An eccentric scientist invents a shrinking machine that goes a little haywire, shirking his two children and the two neighbor kids. In a fit of rage, the scientist tears apart his machine and throws away the parts, along with the children. Now, the tiny kids must find their way through the jungle of the backyard to get home.

(7) Born to Be Wild - This isn’t a very well-known movie, but it’s a good one. A young man with no friends, played by Wil Horneff, befriends a gorilla who uses sign language to communicate. When he finds out that his new friend is going to be taken away, he runs away with the gorilla. It’s a cute and heart warming story.

(6) The Neverending Story - I only chose the first one of this trilogy because I think it’s the best one. This is the story of a young man, Bastian, who escapes into a book called “The Neverending Story” to get away from the problems in his life. The story is about what happens in the book as the fantasy land of Fantasia has its existence threatened by a thing called “The Nothing”. It’s a great fantasy movie that shows kids that everyone can be a hero.

(5) Cool Runnings - Another great “based on a true story” movie. This is the story of the first Jamaican bobsled team. It’s humorous and touching, a movie about pride in what you do, being an individual and being happy with who you are.

(4) The Three Musketeers - A great Disney movie loosely based on the book of the same name. With stars such as Keifer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Oliver Platt, Tim Curry and a young Chris O’Donnell, it’s a talent filled movie with good action scenes and witty dialogue.

(3) Hook - I have seen this movie so many times I have it memorized. Did you ever wonder what would happen if Peter Pan grew up? Well, this movie tells that story as Peter Pan rediscovers who he is in order to save his children from Captain Hook. This movie has a HUGE cast with stars like Robin Williams (Peter Pan), Dustin Hoffman (Hook), Julia Roberts (Tinkerbell), Bob Hoskins (sidekick pirate Smee) and Maggie Smith (Wendy).

(2) A Far Off Place - This is another movie that wasn’t highly publicized and no one knew that in a few years the stars would be two very big names in teenage movies. A young Reece Witherspoon (“Cruel Intentions”, “Election”, “Pleasantville”) and Ethan Embry (“That Thing You Do”, “Can’t Hardly Wait”, “Freaky Links”) play the main characters. Embry is a city boy whose family visits Witherspoon’s family in Africa. While the two are gone, Witherspoon’s house is destroyed and their families are killed. The two, with the help of Witherspoon’s native African friend, must cross a very large desert while evading the people who killed their families.

(1) The Pistol - The true story of basketball legend Pistol Pete Maravich, this isn’t a big name movie with big name stars but it’s a wonderful family movie. It tells about the life of the Pistol and how he became one of the NBA’s best players ever. It’s touching and an all around great family movie.

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