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It’s Apple Blossom Time in the Kitchen with Dawn

Nov 14, 2004
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Pros:apple blossom scent is wonderful, soap lifts grease, antibacterial, leaves hands soft

Cons:none unless you don’t like antibacterial soap

The Bottom Line: The Bottom Line smells of fresh apple blossoms after a dip in a sink filled with apple-scented bubbles. And it’s no longer greasy!

I love Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. I remember when Dawn first introduced their dishwashing soap, and have been a loyal user since my first purchase. That’s not to say that I don’t experiment with other brands if a scent or manufacturer’s claim grabs me ... but I always return to Dawn. Currently on my kitchen counter are two bottles of dishwashing liquid. One is Palmolive Aroma Therapy, which a friend gave to me to try. Another is Dawn Ultra Concentrated Apple Blossom soap.

Apple Scent .... mmmmm

When I saw this Apple Blossom scent on the shelf in my local grocery store, it didn’t take long for it to land in my cart. The apple green color is pretty and reminds me of the color of Granny Smith apples. Popping open the flip-top cap, I can smell a bit of the apple scent ... but it’s not an in-your-face smell. Add a bit of this liquid to water, though, and the area smells heavenly. The smell is light and refreshing without being too sweet. I always enjoy washing the dishes with this Dawn Apple Blossom fragrance.

My Experiences

A little of this soap goes a long way. A few drops under running water provides plenty of suds for washing pots, pans, dinnerware as well as eating and cooking utensils. The suds last through an entire washing, too. The dishes wash clean and air dry without spots.

This Dawn dishwashing soap is excellent at lifting and removing grease. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Dawn is at conquering anything slippery, oily, or grease laden. When I have a dish that is greasy, I let it soak in Dawn, and when it comes time for sponge cleaning, the dish wipes clean with little effort. This dishwashing soap has cut through cooking oils, bacon grease, butter, lard, peanut butter, and meat fats.

I have even used Dawn on clothing to spot-apply to remove small stains. Sometimes life happens, and I’ll end up with an unexpected adornment of sauce, chocolate, jelly or other food. A dab of Dawn on a paper towel with water, and a gentle blotting motion, releases the stain.

In a pinch, the Dawn Ultra Concentrated Apple Blossom dishwashing liquid can also be used to create a soap-water mixture for bubble blowing. When one is out of bubbles, and the children are demanding to blow bubbles, the Dawn comes in handy. I haven’t used it that often (since I usually have bottles of bubbles on hand). And I don’t think Dawn dishwashing soap does as good a job at producing lots of free-floating bubbles ... but it works when one is surrounded by demanding little ones who desperately want to blow bubbles. Just be careful if they ask to help mix the soap with water. Yikes!

This soap always leaves my hands feeling soft, too. And a faint apple scent clings to my skin.

Manufacturer Information & Safety

Dawn dishwashing soap is manufactured by Procter & Gamble. The front of the bottle has the word "antibacterial" printed in bright orange so that it stands out from the green label, and the words "concentrated dish liquid" is printed in small print under the large Dawn logo. The back of the bottle states the purpose of the soap as “antibacterial hand soap”. And the use is stated as: “helps fight germs on hands when used as a hand soap”. The soap is for external use only.

The manufacturer instructs this product is to be kept out of reach of children. “In case of accidental ingestion, drink a glass of water to dilute. If eye contact occurs, rinse throughly with water.”

Do not use this product in dishwashers. Also, do not add bleach to Dawn dishwashing liquid.


Active Ingredient: Triclosan

Inactive Ingredients: water, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium pereth-23-sulfate, C12-14-16 dimethyl amine oxide, SD alcohol, 40-B, undeceth-9,sodium lauryl benzene sulfonate, sodium cumene sulfonate, sodium chloride, PPG26, cyclohexanedlamine, magnesium chloride, polyacetate, fragrance, yellow 5, blue 1

This dishwashing soap contains no phosphate.


I bought this Dawn Apple Blossom scent at my local grocery store for $1.59. The bottle is clear plastic and contains 12.6 fluid ounces of liquid. This size bottle easily fits in my hand.

This product is available in a variety of sizes. I have seen it in the small 12.6 ounce size that I purchased, and as large as a 20.2 fluid ounce bottle. The 20.2 ounce bottle sells for about $3.50.


I am a loyal Dawn dishwashing soap user. Though I can’t resist the occasional temptation of trying other soap brand fragrances, I always return to Dawn. This soap is the best that I’ve tried when it comes to lifting grease from dishes. A bottle of Dawn always resides near the edge of my kitchen sink. The Apple Blossom scent just makes it all that much easier to enjoy washing the dishes.

I hope you have found this review useful.

Wishing you a great day,

Additional Information

Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, OH

Toll-free Phone: 800-725-3296

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