Parabody 425 Serious Steel Gym

Jun 6, 2001

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The Bottom Line In retrospect, I would stock up on a full range of free weights, omit the home Parabody, and save a great deal of money.

Weightlifting has been touted recently as a key to successful aging, preventing osteoporosis, and increasing metabolic rate. I purchased the Parabody 425 gym after trying the alternatives at GymSource, PFE (in Massachusetts) and Omnifitness.
The company delivered the product, and for a fee, set it up. I purchased the optional leg press attachment. After using it for 1 1/2 years, I find it an acceptable piece of home exercise equipment. It occupies less space, and is
financially more feasible than any set of machines that work on separate muscle groups. It is not as smooth a
mechanical slide as the professional ones stocked by workout facilities. The weight stack (150 pounds) is more
than adequate for my female needs. It provides a floor level station that you can do low-rows on, or abductors
and adductors of the legs. As I have progressed through adding muscle groups, however, I find myself doing more
free weight exercises than machine based exercises. The machine has held up well, and does what I wanted it
to do in my home.

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