Pledge Clean and Dust

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~Pledge Clean and Dust~

Dec 8, 2004
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Pros:Works great, inexpensive.

Cons:Doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't smell like citrus. Can tends to over spray

The Bottom Line: :)

I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready for the holidays. Painting, carpet cleaning, window washing and extensive deep cleaning of the house. I'm having a house full of guests and just want everything to be perfect. After doing all that work, though, I realized how shabby my furniture looked. Yuck!,! is about the nicest word I can come up with to describe it. Well, I shouldn't have done it, but I went out and splurged on a brand new living room suite. Couch, love seat, tables and lamps, the whole enchilada. When my furniture arrived I realized I couldn't dust the tables with an old wet rag like I did with my Yuck furniture, so I headed to the store to find the perfect furniture polish for my perfect furniture.

When I got to the store I couldn't believe how many products there were to choose from. When my Yuck furniture was new, there were two, maybe three dusting products to choose from. Now you've got wipes, sprays, polishes and probably many more that I'm not aware of. Feeling a bit overwhelmed I headed for that old familiar name Pledge. My Mom used pledge, I used it in the past, so I started my search here. Did my search pay off? You bet it did! I picked up a can of Pledge Clean and Dust in the Citrus Scent and my furniture just loves me for it. If you've got minute to take a scroll down the page with me I'll tell you all about this great product.

~What Does Pledge Have To Say?~

Dust is everywhere in your home. It not only makes your furniture look dull and lifeless, but it contains allergens like pet dander, mold, and spores. Pledge Clean and Dust contains anti-static agents that help remove more dust and allergens than dry dusting. The special cleaning ingredients easily remove fingerprints and smudges, too! And like all Pledge Furniture Polishes, Pledge Clean and Dust will not build up because it contains no wax. It also has a clean, citrus scent.

~Surfaces Pledge Can Be Used On~

The label states that Pledge Clean and Dust is safe for many surfaces including today's lighter contemporary woods like pine, teak, oak and walnut. The label also recommends using this on cabinets, traditional woods, ceiling fans, blinds, paneling, TVs, VCRs and stereos.

I've used Pledge Clean and Dust on all of the above surfaces with the exception of my blinds and it does a fantastic job.

~Packaging, Price & Availability~

Pledge Clean and Dust is packaged in a 12.5 OZ. white, spray can that is similar to the old fashioned hair spray cans. The product is priced at right around 3.79, but does vary quite a bit depending on where you make your purchase. I buy mine at Kmart, but have also seen this at Target, Walmart and various grocery stores in my area.

~Directions For Use~

Shake well before using. Hold container upright and spray directly onto surface from about eight inches away. Wipe immediately with soft, clean cloth.

~Product Warnings~

Do not use near fire, flame, or pilot light. Do not set on stove or radiator or keep where temperatures exceed 120 degrees, as container may burst. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not use this product on floors as it may leave them slippery. Keep out of reach of children.


Questions and comments regarding this product are welcome by calling 1-800-558-5252 or you can visit Pledge on the web @

Pledge is a member of the S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. Family.

To provide accurate information in this review, some of the details were borrowed from the product label.

~My Experience~

I really like this product with the exception of a couple minor details. The directions say to spray directly on the surface to be cleaned. I tried this, but the spray tends to get on the carpet when doing it this way. To avoid this, I spray directly on my dust cloth and proceed from there. My other gripe is the scent. I love citrus scents and this doesn't come close to smelling like citrus to me. It doesn't smell bad, but it's more floral with a hint of vanilla than citrus.

What I love about the product is how well it cleans and the beautiful shine it leaves behind on my wood surfaces. The dust clings to the cloth rather then flying all over the room or dropping to the floor. When first applied this can make your wood surfaces look a little streaky, but within seconds after application and the dusting process the streaks disappear. Because Pledge Clean and Dust doesn't contain wax it works great on TVs, VCRs and stereos, too. It picks up the dust and doesn't leave behind a nasty, streaky mess. I also use this on my computer, here too, it leaves it looking clean, dust-free and streak-free.

Overall, I've been completely satisfied with Pledge Clean and Dust and would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends. The price is good, the product is great and Pledge has been a trusted name for many years. No harm has come to any surface that I've cleaned with Pledge Clean and Dust:)

Thanx For Reading!

Savanna Smiling:)

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