Easy-Off One Step Stovetop Cleaner

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Easy-Off One Step Stovetop Cleaner is a Wasted Step

Feb 4, 2005
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Cons:Doesn't clean anything

The Bottom Line: Don't waste your money! Hot water and a scrubbing sponge work better than this.

I was cleaning out the cleaning cabinet when I found a nearly full bottle of Easy-Off One Step Stovetop Cleaner. I generally try and stick with multi-purpose products and my experience with this stove-top cleaner is exactly why.

The Basics
Easy-Off One Step Stovetop Cleaner comes in an 8.5 oz plastic squeeze bottle with a flip top lid. This cleaner is designed to gently clean up cooked-on food spills on enamel glass-ceramic, and stainless steel cook top surfaces. The cleaner is thick and light blue with a paste like consistency. It has a pleasant but subtle floral scent.

To use you need to shake the bottle well first. The cook top surfaces should be cool before applying the cleaner. Squeeze a little cleaner right onto the cook top and use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe the stove top clean. To chine the surface use a dry cloth or towel to polish. Regular use should make subsequent cleanings easier.

There is no ingredient list but it can irritate the skin and eyes.

My Experience
Well, it was at the back of the cleaning cabinet for a reason. This stuff didn’t work any better than what I had been using. In fact, it simply didn’t work at all.

When I clean my cook top I generally find that I have two kinds of spills to clean up. The first are the splatters that I still recognize. The drips from taste testing the soup, an escaped bubble of spaghetti sauce if the heat was left up too high or a dribble of egg product when my husband makes himself breakfast. Then there is the unrecognizable cooked on spills. They are always black and crusty and it is hard to imagine it was once something edible.

For the most part I find that some warm water and a little scrubbing with my sponge is enough to get most of the recognizable stains off of my white enamel cook top. For the burnt on stuff I pull out me Clorox Clean-Up, spray some on, let it sit for a few minutes and come back with my sponge for a little scrubbing. For really big messes sometimes I have to repeat that process a couple of times. After all of that I would then use some Windex to make the cook top shine.

I thought that perhaps a cleaner made for those spills would save me a lot of scrubbing, something that I hate to do. Unfortunately I found this stuff to be useless. For the recognizable spills I had to scrub just as long and hard, if not harder to loosen up the spills. It did nothing to help the process along, but it did get the spills off so I went about cleaning the rest of the kitchen. When I took another look at my cook top I noticed that is was hazy. I had not gone back with a dry towel to buff the surfaces I had cleaned so the polish has dried on. At that point I couldn’t get it to come off with a dry rag so I had to wash it off with warm water and a sponge. Now since that is how I usually clean the cook top it seems that I could have saved myself a bunch of trouble and just skipped the Easy Off all together.

If possible I performed even worse when my stove top was covered with the scaly black burnt on food spills. It did nothing. I rubbed with a paper towel, I pulled out an old cloth diaper, then I resorted to my trusty sponge. After 15 minutes of rub and scrub all I had was a cook top with crusty black dirt covered with a hazy blue film. What a waste of time, money and energy. Since I had no idea exactly what is in this cleaner I took the time to wash the cook top down with water before spraying on my Clorox Clean-Up. About 10 minutes later my cook top was clean once again.

I can’t comment on the ability of Easy-Off One Step Stovetop Cleaner to help keep the cook top clean. After just a couple of tries I gave up since it really didn’t do anything but make more work for me. I have far better cleaning success using general multi-purpose cleaning products than ones supposedly geared for a specific use.

Why I Still Own This Item
I hate to throw out anything, even cleaning products that don’t work. I suppose I hoped that some magical transformation would happen in the back of the cabinet and it would suddenly work. But I since I know that really isn’t going to happen, Easy-Off One Step Stovetop Cleaner meet my garbage can.

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