Alkaline Batteries, C Alkaline Batteries, C

Alkaline Batteries, C

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Almost As Good As Duracell or Energizer - Rite Aid's Alkaline Batteries [Size C]

Feb 10, 2005
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Pros:Less than the brand name ones, work just as well, great for flashlights!

Cons:Packages are hard to open.

The Bottom Line: When was the last time you checked the batteries in your flashlight?

A week ago I realized that the batteries in my flashlights were all dead, of course, this stunning realization happened thirty seconds after the power went out. I had no idea what happened, if everyone’s lights were out or if I had any fresh batteries in the house. I peeked out the curtains to see the entire neighborhood pitch black and felt a little better, at least I didn’t have to go and fumble with the fuse box from hell. As I sat in the darkness I made a mental note, “Tomorrow, new batteries, don’t forget”. About ten minutes later the lights came back on but I had a funny feeling that they were going to go back out, luckily my hunch was wrong. The next day I set out to get C and D sized batteries for all the flashlights, six total. The largest one, a MagLite, takes a whopping six D size batteries but most of them take the C sized ones. I knew Rite Aid was having a huge sale on their in house products so I figured I’d stop by, stock up on things that I needed and see if the batteries were also on sale.

Rite Aid C Sized Alkaline Batteries

I was a little shocked when I saw the display for batteries and the Rite Aid brand had been thoroughly picked through. There was a manager special on them and when you bought one pack you would get a second one free. What better way to stock up on batteries, save money and test out a new product. I tossed four packs of the C sized batteries in the cart [they were sold out of the D sized ones] and went about my merry way. Getting them out of the package was an ordeal in itself and my almost constant stream of vulgarities as I hacked, cut and ripped the plastic apart would have been extremely entertaining had anyone else been in the house. If these came in some type of reclosable package or something that would snap shut it would be a real big help!

Once I got them out of the package I popped them into the flashlights to see if they had the same power as the Duracell ones that I usually purchase. I left the flashlight on for about a half hour to see if it would dither at all and the light shined just as boldly as when I first turned it on. The same can be said when I popped these into a few of the portable radios and CD players we have around the house. They all worked great but the batteries did get a little drained if I cranked up the volume or used the extended bass feature. But hey, you can’t expect these things to last forever or to put up with that kind of abuse without showing some kind of wear and tear.

I was really luck that I stocked up on batteries because two days after that the lights went out for about three hours thanks to a drunk driver that smashed into a pole. That’s when I really got to test out these babies! They worked great in all the flashlights except the square one that we have for camping. That one takes six C batteries and after about two and a half hours of non-stop use the light started to dim a little. Most of the lights we have for camping take these huge square batteries but I picked this one specifically because it takes a standard size battery so I didn’t have to hunt for a special sized battery. Since I first picked these up I’ve used them in portable radios, a few of the toys around the house and of course the flashlights and they all seem to be working the same. If you are thinking about picking these up for general use then you will be able to save some money but if it is something that draws a lot of power, like the camping flashlight, then you may want to consider going with an industrial type battery.


These sell for between $4.29 and $4.99 a pack but as I mentioned I got them as part of a managers special so it was buy one get one free. You get four batteries per pack which makes it an even better deal. If you are going to stock up on them make sure you check the package for a date so you know you are going to get ones that are going to last a while. I am super paranoid about my batteries and keep most of them in the refrigerator, someone told me that keeps them fresher, who knows if that’s really true.

The Bottom Line

So far these have worked great for general items but if you are really concerned with the power you are going to get from a battery then stick with the name brand ones. For standard flashlights, radios and kids toys these are a great pick but if you are using something that pulls a lot of juice from the battery then these might be ones to skip on. Look for these when they are on sale or part of a managers special / buy one get one free to get the most from your cash but what ever you do, make sure you check the “best by” date on the front of the package!

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2005 Freak369

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