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Clorox Soft Scrub Gel ~ My Must-Have Kitchen Cleaner

Mar 3, 2005
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Pros:Contains bleach, non-abrasive, little fumes, easy to rinse

Cons:Top-heavy bottle, gel drips down side of bottle

The Bottom Line: Super non-abrasive cleaner with bleach, best for kitchens and baths. Rinses cleanly and easily.

I've been using Clorox Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach for quite a while now, and it's one cleaning product I always make sure to keep on hand. Here's the scoop on this essential cleaner:

~ Product Description

Clorox Soft Scrub Gel is a gel-like liquid, designed for household cleaning, primarily in the kitchen or bath. It contains bleach, which helps to effectively clean stubborn stains. The Soft Scrub bottle tells us this is a "penetrating gel that removes stains and rinses clean!"

The directions for use say to apply directly onto soil or damp sponge. For stubborn stains, let stand for one minute. Rub. Rinse or wipe clean. For larger surfaces, such as floors, mix 1/4 cup per 1 gallon of water.

It's important to avoid contact with clothes, fabric or carpet. This will leave a bleached spot if it comes in contact with your clothes! Also avoid prolonged contact with metal, old porcelain or worn plastic laminate countertops, as it may cause discoloration.

There are no other cautions with regard to avoiding certain types of surfaces. But I've avoided using this on wood. Clorox Soft Scrub Gel contains surfactants and hypochlorite bleach. But it contains no phosporus.

Some important cautions to be aware of: Do not use or mix with other chemicals or household cleaning products as hazardous gases may result. This is an eye irritant. Avoid contact with the eyes. May cause skin irritation. For sensitive skin or prolonged use wear gloves. Use with adequate ventilation.

~ Packaging

Clorox Soft Scrub Gel comes in a plastic see-through bottle with a pointy top that you twist to open, and twist to close. I have the 17 fl. oz. bottle, and I can't remember now how much it cost, but it's reasonable. I buy this at my local grocery store.

I've noticed that the bottle is tall and rather slim, and can get tipped over, especially when full, if it gets accidentally bumped. Not a good thing for a product containing bleach. Clorox - you could easily change the design of the bottle to be more stable!

Also, unless I'm careful, the gel will tend to drip down the sides of the bottle, making it all gooey and yucky when you pick it up. I need to consciously be aware of this tendency in order to avoid it.

~ My Experience

I have a white porcelain kitchen sink, and it's been my experience that Clorox Soft Scrub Gel is the best cleaner for that purpose. It will remove pot marks, stains, tomato sauce discoloration, coffee stains and everything else that tends to stain and darken a white porcelain sink. I just squirt some Soft Scrub Gel into the sink, scour it with a damp sponge and rinse. If I have a particularly stubborn stain, I'll let the gel sit for a few minutes before rubbing.

I've found that Clorox Soft Scrub Gel rinses easily and cleanly. The directions say that you can wipe clean without rinsing, and for very small spots or jobs I'll just put a few drops on a sponge and wipe, without rinsing.

This is a wonderful cleaner also for my ceramic tile countertops. I like using a cleaner with bleach, and I feel it tends to disinfect, and works so well on stains. Soft Scrub Gel is non-abrasive, so you don't need to worry about scratching. I also use this on my brushed stainless steel trash cans with excellent results.

Try Clorox Soft Scrub in the bathroom as well - for tubs and sinks, toilets, and even floors.

Another plus with using Clorox Soft Scrub Gel is there is very little fumes. There is a bleachy scent, but it's not overpowering, which I've come to appreciate even more after my unfortunate experience with Clorox Clean Up.

~ Final Thoughts

Clorox Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach is a fantastic cleaner for kitchens and baths. It has little bothersome fumes, takes care of stains, is non-abrasive, and rinses easily. Watch out for the bottle that can tip easily though, and don't get this on your clothes.

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