2000 Flushes Blue Plus Bleach

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This is a dirty job so someone else should do it

Mar 11, 2005 (Updated Mar 12, 2005)
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Pros:Looks like I just cleaned

Cons:Money down the tubes

The Bottom Line: Helps keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh for 3-4 months.

I like dropping money down the toilet so I got 2000 flushes. I wouldn't clean my bowl after every use so I suppose this is overkill. I don’t really worry about germs too much in the adult bathroom but the kids’ bathroom…Disgusting! I have found that the drop in tablets really help keep the stool more tolerable.

Our last set of tablets lasted about 3 months so I imagine it was around 2000 flushes according to the water bill. It becomes obvious when they’re gone because the freshness wears away. The tablets completely dissolve away so they never need to be removed. The water is the stool is dark blue in the beginning and as the weeks go by you the color gets lighter.

The first step in using 2000 Flushes is to clean the toilet bowl. Boring. Once it is clean then you lift the lid off of the tank of the toilet, cut the package with scissors, flush the toilet, and drop the tablets to the right rear of the tank when the water is shallow. Washing hands after dispensing is recommended.

It is important that you don’t touch the product because it is hazardous in the concentrated tablet form and could burn your skin. Once the tablets dispense into the bowl it is no longer a worry because the chemicals are diluted. It is unlikely that any kid or dog is going to drink the whole bowl full of water. The package says that the water from the bowl will not harm children or pets. I think the germs are more of a risk in our bathroom than the blue water.

There is a brief clean smell when you flush. It’s not strong, doesn’t smell like bleach, and it doesn’t linger. I tried another brand one time and couldn’t stand the smell of bleach because it was too overpowering.

Unfortunately these don’t do all of your work for you. You still will need to clean the toilet, especially the seat, as usual.

I think the drop in tablets is much better than the products that hang on the rim. First of all the tablets are not noticeable and therefore not a target to aim at, they clean consistently, and the tablets last a lot longer.

I think they are better than a few other brands that I have tried because 2000 Flushes seem to last longer and I prefer the dual cleaning action.

The tablets claim to be safe for plumbing and septic systems. Their rationalization is that it gives off less chlorine than your water company does. I have had to replace both of the flappers in the tanks within a short amount of time. Regardless what their box says, I am the one who would be paying for septic problems. Bleach is pretty means stuff so I only use the tablets from time to time.

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PO Box 80607
San Diego, CA. 92138

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