Steven Tyler - Rock This way!

Jul 1, 2001

The Bottom Line They've been rockin for 30 years - they must be doing something right!

At 53 years of age, when most men are pushing pencils and having their first grandchild, Steven Tyler, lead singer of the legendary rock group, Aerosmith, is strutting his stuff, wailing on his harmonica and belting out high notes like no other! He is THE ultimate rock star and has every move down to a science!

Last night, the band performed at the Post Gazette Pavillion, about an hour west of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, along with opening act, Fuel,( who we missed due to a severe traffic jam on the way to the concert). The crowd was mixed -some older rockers and a lot of young, drunk generation X-ers.

I've been an Aerosmith fan since the late '70's, when "Walk This Way" was a smash hit. Virtually nothing about the band has changed -same original members, which is admirable in this day and age. Their hair is the same, only a little shorter, but still long enough to head bang! They're also a little bit older, wiser and drug free! Steven's daughter, Liv Tyler, who inherited dads sexy pout, is a huge Hollywood Star in her own right! It still amazes me that these guys are still together after all they've been through. Being married to a musician - I know all too well, how egos, alcohol, women and drugs can destroy bands. They were recently quoted as saying ,"The band has been together longer than most of our marriages!" They seem to have found the secret to successful song writing and have kept up the formula with each album and concert tour.

Visually the concert was spectacular with state of the art video screens that would cut between the live show and video clips of the song that they were playing. No money was spared on this tour! There's nothing better than seeing Steven Tylers lips up close and personal -believe me!

The band began with, "Beyond Beautiful", which brought out Mr.Tyler in a kimono and introduced his writing partner of 30 years, guitar-god, Joe Perry.

After playing a few songs from their latest album, "Just Push Play", "Jaded" & "Fly Away From Here", the band decided to jump down from the stage and play a few songs for the fans on the lawn! Surrounded by a wall of muscle-bound body guards, they made their way through the screaming crowd, to a mini stage - with videos capturing their every move. The fans went nuts as they broke into, "Same Old Song And Dance" and "Dream On"! Surprisingly ,no one got hurt and the band made their way back to stage unscathed. A very daring and dangerous move I thought!

But even more scary was the approaching electrical storm on the horizon - all I could picture was 23,000 people trying to get under the shelter where I was sitting! The band just made it back in time before the first raindrop fell and from then on it poured and never let up!

They continued belting out hit after hit, such as; "Pink", "Mama Kin"( my favorite), "Draw the line", "Big Ten Inch", "Sweet Emotion" and as the storm intensified,so did the band - the energy grew! At one point, Steven yelled out, "I don't know if the gods are angry or happy!" I think they were angry -for it was Mother Nature vs. Aerosmith! As the wind gusts were picking up,the thunder was growing louder than the P.A.! God was having his own personal light show! The vocals went out at one point but the crowd finished it, word for word. I was fearing for Steven Tylers life as he ran around the rain drenched stage. It then began to blow under the shelter and started running over the light trusses! Electricity, water and lightning are not my favorite combination! Amazingly, he just kept on singing! I just wanted it to end!

But then, a surprise guest joined the band on stage for the encore, "Train Kept A Rollin" - Slash, former lead guitarist of Guns and Roses. Another one who still looks the same - same trademark hat, same long bushy hair, and same disgusting cigarette dangling from his mouth! (Does playing with a cigarette instantly make you COOL?!) He really added nothing to the song - but the crowd seemed to like him - but then after 10 beers, they like ANYONE!

I really enjoyed the concert and highly recommend seeing Aerosmith! These guys are true rockers in every sense of the word. They were recently inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so now's the time to see the living legends for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

...On a more personal note...My "show "started after the concert when it took us an hour and a half just to get out of the parking lot and adding to the nightmare was more torrential rain and our car running out of gas! We got home around 3 a.m.! Not a good way to end an enjoyable night - but that's life! We came to the conclusion that we were getting,(pardon the saying), too old for this shi+!

Thanks for the anniversary present, honey - it was a night I'll never forget! Next time, get a fill up!

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