George Foreman Super Champ Grill GR18BWI

George Foreman Super Champ Grill GR18BWI

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George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine Model GR18BW.

Mar 15, 2005 (Updated Mar 16, 2005)
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Pros:Grills Foods to perfection and Clean up is a Breeze

Cons:No Shut off Switch

The Bottom Line: Grills your foods to perfection, Clean up is a Breeze, Most of all, you can enjoy eating healthier!

Last year one of our local banks were offering a Free Gift when you opened up a new checking account with them. The Gift I had received was the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine Model GR18BW.

Surfing through Epinions I had always wanted one of these marvelous Indoor Grills from reading the reviews but just never went out and purchased one.

Therefore, when the bank offered this as a Free Gift just for opening up an account, I ran to the bank just to open up the account and got my Grill for Free. You cant beat that.

Living in Buffalo, NY our grilling seasons are very limited so when I got this last February, 2004, I couldn't wait to try this wonderful grilling machine, it had been months since I was able to fire up the old charcoal grill I had sitting outside buried under the tarp and SNOW.

Most of all, I love the taste of grilled foods. Think about how wonderful and excited I was to be able to enjoy sitting down at my dinner table in the middle of winter when the temps outside are in the minus and to being able to Grill meats such as Steaks, Chicken or Chops, right on top of my kitchen counter.

Seriously speaking, Not only for yourself, but I Highly recommend this is an Ideal appliance to give as a Gift for anyone just setting up an apartment, a College Student who lives in the dorm and prepares their own meals. Not to mention the fact its a Great Gift idea for Grandparents or Parents with No children left at home to cook for.

Why you ask?

Well from my experiences by using this Grill I found it to be the perfect Indoor Grill that every kitchen in the Northern States should have, especially if you live in an area where you have heavy snowfall all winter long and can't just go outside and light up the grill to enjoy the delicious Taste of grilled foods when you want.

Needless to say, I was curious and wondered just how marvelous these grill really were! I didn't waste anytime as soon as I got home I followed the directions for use by reading the owners manual, set it up on the counter, wiped it a damp cloth as recommended and plugged it in to preheat. I slide the drip tray under the unit and I was ready to grill in 5 minutes.

Prior to getting this Grill I was one to Broil my Steaks under the Broiler in the winter, which took time to foil up the broiler pan, constantly watch as it cooked and then the clean up was the worst, having to discard all the fats and juices that fell to the bottom of the pan and the fact it always seemed to leave the smell of grease lingering in the kitchen. The ease of using the George Foreman Grill gets an A Plus in my Book.

The first meat I cooked on this grill was a nice NY Strip Steak. I seasoned the meat my normal way using Garlic and Onion Powders, Accent, Season-All and Pepper. I let the meat tenderize for about 15-20 mins. and preheated the grill for the recommended 5 minutes.

Wow was my first impression within 7 min I had a perfectly grilled Medium Rare NY STRIP STEAK. The Steak was flavorful, the juices were seared into the meat and the fatty composites were running off into the tray. Yes, indeed I was very impressed. Then I thought well dear it's because you have not had a Grilled steak since last summer of course it tastes so delicious. That was True, but also everything I had cooked thereafter was just as tasty if not better!

Why is this an Ideal Indoor Grill?

Well for myself, this was a new beginning for me to enjoy healthier foods grilled to perfection, and I loved how it Saves Time and Cleans up easily..

Not to mention that I have had to go through the transition of cooking for fewer people now my son has left home and gone into the Army. This size grill is perfect to cook for 1 or two people. I use it constantly for my meals.

So far to date, all the meats I have cooked by following his Suggested cooking Charts definitely get a 5 star recommendation from this MississippiMom.

The GF GR18BW unit also has a bun warmer, which is nice for when I make hamburgers,or Hot Dogs as the meat is cooking I simply set the buns on the warmer close the lid and let them warm for ABOUT 3 MINUTES. I love the way it warms them and gives them a fresher taste. Being alone now when I buy a package of buns, I have to freeze the entire package until I am ready to use them so this works out very well for me. I also buy the pre-made hamburger patties and can take them right from the freezer and cook them to perfection on this grill.

Over the past year, I have mainly used it to prepare boneless chicken breasts, within 9 minutes the chicken breasts are cooked. Compare this to baking BONELESS CHICKEN BREASTS IN THE OVEN FOR 20-25 MINUTES. I'm Saving Time and Money from not having to use the Gas oven, besides the fact I prefer Grilled over Baked chicken any day.

When I prepare chicken or pork loins I marinate the meat ahead of time in my favorite Chivettas BBQ sauce. for at least 20 minutes.This gives me a chance to fix my sides dishes. Once I put the meat on the grill, I like the fact that I do not have to keep turning them as they cook. I simply set them on the grill close the lid and set the timer on the microwave, I turn them maybe once after cooking for about 5 minutes.

What have I personally prepared on my George Foreman grill?

Hot Dogs
Boneless Pork Loins
Country Style Ribs
Boneless Chicken Breast
Bone in Chicken Thighs
Bone in Chicken Breasts
Chicken Legs
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwhiches
Italian Sausage along with Green Peppers and Onions

This unit has a floating hinge which allows me to cook thicker cuts of meat and they cook evenly.

I even use it to reheat the meat leftover from the day before, it heats them quickly and sears in the flavor without drying the meat out. I prefer reheating with my grill over microwaving.

One day last summer I was in the middle of cooking BBQ Chicken on my Charcoal Grill. We were having a family outing and out of the clear blue sky it just started to rain... Well I had no choice but to finish cooking all the chicken i had started on my handy little George Foreman grill. This took a little time because the amounts of chicken I had on the grill and could only fit just a few pieces at a time. but it was a lifesaver... saved our picnic. Which gave me the idea to precook the chicken on my George Foreman Grill then finish cooking it over Charcoal. I found using this method takes alot of time away from having to stand by the grill basting and turning. All in all, to me it seems that within 30 mins the Chicken is fully cooked compared to anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and your still guessing and cutting into the meat to see if its done.

The Champ also supplies you with some of his famous grilling recipes which I have not yet tried because I have my own way of seasoning my foods. Although they sound delicious!

Here are some examples of his suggested Cooking Chart for this Grill: Cooked Medium (160 F) to give you an Idea as to how quickly it does cook.

Salmon Filet 3 minutes
Salmon Steaks 6 minutes
White Fish 5 minutes
8 oz Turkey burgers 6 minutes
8 oz Hamburgers 9 minutes
Chicken Breasts 9 minutes
NY Strip Steak 7 minutes
Pork loins 5 minutes

Is there anything you found you didnt like?

Yes,one thing I must admit is I do not like is the fact it does not have a shut off switch.

I've learned that if you wait until the light on the unit is OFF then you are less likely to see a SPARK when you unplug the unit after use.

Back to the Positive and another important fact. Time to clean up is really a Breeze. I allow it to cool then I use the plastic spatula to scrap away any excess fat or food then I wipe with a damp paper towel. Toss away paper towel full of grease and grime and go over it a clean damp cloth, wash the tray and spatula and its ready to be put away.

Looking for Information about this grill or other George Foreman Indoor Grills check out

The George Foreman Model GR18BW Retails for $29.99


Over 50 sq. inches of grilling surface

Grills up to 3 burgers, 2 large boneless chicken Breasts

Patented contact design grills fast and evenly

Non-stick Teflon coated cooking plate

Patented channels carry run-off grease

Has a floating hinge to accommodate extra thick chops and

Includes drip tray and specially designed spatula

Comes in a variety of colors: such as Clear, Ruby, Teal, Indigo, Violet, or Yellow,

Limited 1 year warranty

Information from the owner manual includes, how to use instructions, safeguards and recipes!

Thanks for reading ! I hope this review of the George Foreman Model GR18BW has helped !

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