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Is cashwars worth your time and effort?

Apr 13, 2001 (Updated Apr 13, 2001)
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Pros:An online game where you can make money potentially

Cons:The chance of you cashing out is very slim if this site is even legit

The Bottom Line: If you want to find a game that will keep you occupied, this is a good game for a while but don't expect to get paid for playing

Well I started to play cashwars when it almost first came out, thinking that the site would be legit. However, I was never able to accumulate a substantial amount of money to cash out. The purpose of this game in a few words is to, simply move around the map and try to steal money from other people's bases. The more money you steal the more you may be able to cash out. When I was playing for every 3 dollars of cashwar money you have is equivalent to one American dollar.

Getting started

To play you simply go to It's an online game where you play in your browsers. Once you sign up you may enter the game. Depending on how fast your connection is and how laggy the site maybe you may find yourself taking 30 seconds up to a minute per move which could be a big waste of time. Once you enter the site you will notice that there are MDN's meaning "clans or squads" The higher your MDN is ranked the stronger your fortification level will be. To join an MDN you must apply and depending on your status the MDN leader will either decide to accept or reject you into joining their MDN.

Game play

Once you enter the game you will notice that it consist of a large map when I played it was 250x250 squares but I think they increased it to almost 400x400. On the map there are different types of terrains. For examples there are bases, oil fields, shops, mountains, desserts. For your profile there are four categories in which you want to upgrade, which are, strength, fortification, security, stealth.

oil field: The whole point of this game is to steal money and the more oil you have the easier it is to steal money because oil allows you to upgrade your status. When you land on an oil field you simply click anywhere and depending on the shovel you have you can dig anywhere from 0-30 barrels of oil per field.

mountains: If you land on a mountain, in order to dig into a mountain you will need a shovel or a drilling company. In the mountains consist of prizes such as plane tickets, televisions and other prizes. The chances of you winning one of these prizes are minimal and I have to see someone win any.

desert: The desert is just an empty space used to take up places in the map because they don't want to many oil fields, shops and mountains.

bases: Each player has their own base and depending on the strength of the base and how much money is in the base will determine how much you can steal or lose. I will discuss more about bases later on. However, when arriving to a base you can either attack or spy on it which will also be explained later on.

shops: Throughout the map there are different types of shops where you can purchase items either to improve your strength, stealth, fortification, or security. There are also miscellaneous shops in order to help your travelling purposes around the map and auction sites where you bid on valuable items.

As I mentioned earlier there are four categories in your profile in which you want to upgrade.

Strength: Strength is one of the most important items to upgrade because this is how easily it will be able to attack another base. If the base is level 3 fortification and you have level 8 strength the chances when you attack them will be an advantage for you.

Fortification: This is the next most important thing or can be right up against with strength. This is used to protect your base. If someone tries to attack you and have a strong fortification the chances are your base will withstand the attack and can sometimes take money from the people attacking you.

Security: To me this is not important it just detects people who are spying on your base. When people spy on your base and get caught they are not allowed to attack. When they spy you can see what MDN the base is, how much money is in there, what level your strength, security, fortification and stealth is.

Stealth: This is also useless and is used to spy on bases. The higher your stealth level is the chances of you getting caught when you spy are less.

Now that you know what everything is, the objective of this game is to move throughout the map and build up oil so you can upgrade your profile. As your profile gets stronger you will find yourself stealing more money. However, there is a limit to how many moves you can make a day. You are given four fuel cells initially and they are recharged daily. One fuel cell is equivalent to 50 moves. If you want more fuel cells you have to sign up to certain programs and you can get a maximum of 24 fuel cells unless they added more programs which you can sign up for.


When I first entered the game I created my own little map so I new where oil fields where and bases where so I know where I would want to go. After a while I upgrade all my fuel cells so I can have 24x50 moves a day this would help me upgrade my profile faster. At first you are given ordinary shovel to dig which can only allow you to dig a max of 10 barrels of oil. The first item I suggest buying would be a backshovel, then after that you buy jumping boots which allow you to move 5 steps at once but only count as 1 turn. This way you can keep going to oil fields and dig. After that I would buy a rig and now you can dig up to 30 barrels of oil with one turn. Now that you have the best oil digger you can start upgrading your profile and I would suggest strength and fortification first.


Joining an MDN can be an advantage because the higher ranked the MDN is the better your fortification level will be. I think the number one MDN gets an extra 4 levels of fortification that they have. However, getting into one of the better MDN's requires having a good profile. They only have an advantage if your strength level is high. So the higher your strength is the better MDN you can join.


Like I said I played cashwars when it first came out and was hoping that it was legit. I don't know for sure that it's not legit but I have given up with the game after 2 months of playing. I found that I was able to steal about 200 dollars a day but when I would log back in the next day I would lose it all. My entire profile was maxed out and I was in the number one MDN and I was still losing it all by the next day. So I figure that it's impossible to keep your money and everyone in my MDN would agree with me and none of us were ever able to cash out. Also I don't know if this is a flaw or an advantage but there are many cheats for cashwars where you can get a program to play for you. Also there are sites with the cashwar map on it that shows you where everyone's bases is and where all the oil fields and shops are.


I really don't know how to rate this because it was a fun game but it was a real waste of time for me and a disappointment because I was hoping it would be legit. I wasted most of my summer playing this and at the end it did nothing for me. The game itself is not to entertaining, I rather go out and play a game of basketball or something but it is a good game to keep you occupied if you are bored but don't expect to get paid for playing.

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