Yamata Serger Machine FN14UAD

Yamata Serger Machine FN14UAD

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The moderately priced overlock machine

Apr 5, 2005
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Pros:Affordale, robust, compact.

Cons:Outdated Style, no free attachments, not as fast as others.

The Bottom Line: Purchase this machine if you want a simple and reliable serger. With the cash saved over other $$$ machine, you can use it for something else.

I have had a Yamata FY930 regular sewing machine for a while now and just purchased their serger. In the market there are so many machines of this type that is enough to get you confused.The majority of them do the same thing with a few special ones that do both overlock/coverstitch work. For a while, I was considering buying one of these "coverlocks" but eventually I decided against it because of the sheer amount of time needed to stitch between the two modes. Easy they say? Not likely. The few times the sales lady at the store tried to show me, she got it only after a few tries. No thanks. I rather have two separate machines for the job.
Back to this particular machine. A few reasons why I purchased this machine. First of all, I already owned one of their machine and have had no trouble, second, when I called their office in California for questions (they have a toll free number thank god 888-8FEIYUE) , this fellow Roy was more than helpful in answering all my questions. (Thank you very much!!!) Not that he was trying to make a sale, since I found out they do not sell directly to the public. He instead pointed me to a few dealers close to my location and suggested that I go there and ask their opinions on the machine as well as to test it.
When I got to the store, I was stunned by all the choices I had on sergers. There were literally a dozen different machines from $199 to $899.
I knew I wanted something like the F14U so the sales lady showed me 2 models, the Yamata 14U and Consew 14TU. They were almost identical machines. I heard a customer comment that Consew has been around for many years and I was heavily considering buying it but the sales lady told me in a hush hush tone that they were the same machine and operated the same and that she wouldnt be surprised if they were from the same manufacturer. That and the fact that I remember the regret I experienced when I purchased something "brand labeled" only to find out that I could have gotten the same thing for far less if I went "off label". The Yamata 14U was $100 cheaper and for the same machine, I couldn't justify paying that much more. I had made my mind and was on my way to the cashier when the lady showed me their other serger. The 320. That was a step out she told me. It was pre-threaded and was the swing open kind where everything was exposed for easy access. I was mighty tempted in purchasing that but I didn't want to spend the extra $200 for it. Not that day, perhaps when I am a better sewer, I will graduate to it.


The machine operated as expected although a bit dry the first few stitches. Something that was easily solved with the can of WF40 I had handy.
I also noticed that hte machine was moving quite a bit and I found out one of the suction cups in the bottom was out only to be found in the box still. I must have knock it out when I pulled the machine out in my excitement.
The tensions on my machine was set high again. Which is weird because both machines I have from them had the same thing. Nothing too hard to solve.

Overall ******

Overall, I can say that I am satisfied with the machine. I would be happy with the 320 because of all the free attachments that it came with, the shirring, cording and elastic, but I couldnt justify paying $200 more. I would have liked for the Yamata 14U to have come with attachments but I guess I got a really good deal already.
At 800 SPM, it is not the fastest serger I have ever seen but is plenty fast for what I need it for.
Came with a standard manual, which is to say, not too helpful but not like any sewer with a little experience can't figure it out since everything is color coded.

All in all, a definte good buy and the support and help I have gotten from the manufacturer is just as good.

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