Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Dining Collection

Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Dining Collection

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This Martha Will Do Time...Easily!

Apr 15, 2005 (Updated Apr 16, 2005)
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Pros:Subtle Elegance

Cons:Chairs Donít Stack

The Bottom Line: The Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection provides quality and comfort at a reasonable cost.

No matter what you think of Martha Stewart, you have to admire the way she has captured and embraced the American Dream. She has emerged in recent years as a cottage industry providing the consumer with products that scream designer chic. Such is the case with her patio furniture. When shopping for a new collection, at seasons end, to replace our exhausted set we looked to buy the most for less. Fortunately for us, we were looking through the paper and saw a blowout at a local Kmart store,and skeptically I went off to check it out.

Walking through a Kmart is not an enjoyable experience for me. The illogical layout is enough to make you want to run for the car. I was, however, driven by the prospect of a bargain and regained my focus. When I arrived at the, well, let’s say their interpretation of a garden center, I was stunned at the appearance of a diamond in the coal pile; and this was my first face to face with the Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection. I have to admit, for the first time in the agonizing 4 minutes I had invested in this store, a sense of redemption overcame me.


Standing back, I could only admire the handsome build of a muscular looking patio set that could sit accommodate the most, lets say, prominent of mothers-in-law. After licking the tires a little I looked at the price tag. The Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection was priced at $619.00 and was marked down a couple of times to $329.00! Now, the trick was to see if they had any in stock. I decided this was the set for me. Not bad, first time out and I hit the jackpot; what a great way to spend a Saturday morning! After grabbing a pimply faced clerk I was dismayed to find the only one they had left was reserved for a customer that had called in a couple of days ago. You know, this is a in the trenches sales expedition so I did what I had to do to get this bargain. I offered the clerk a crisp twenty dollar bill, and we were loading the Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection into the back of my vehicle! I have to admit, I had a smile on my face on the ride home.


The Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection is smartly designed. hexagonal table is different enough to capture your attention but is extremely functional providing each of the six chairs with comfortable place at the table where your legs are comfortably accommodated between two of the banded ix legs, eliminating the crowding experienced with some models. Imagine that, no more eating with a corner piecing your solar plexus or sitting while straddling a table leg. The glass has a raised fern design which is elegant and inviting. There he Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection is a smart design.

The powder coated sand color is neutral enough to fit in with most situations. The manufacturer lists the color as silver-grey but it is better characterized as sand. Colors seem to run as the wind blows and seeing that my last set was also sand colored I expect this set to be out of vogue sooner than later.

The one thing that I desperately wanted to get away from was the annoying putting away of the chair cushions. I really was looking forward to eliminating that chore and with the
Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection full sized sling chairs I got my wish. The sand powder colored coating complements the sand and beige weave which is comfortable and accommodating and quite resistant to children. It dries quickly in the throws of a summer rain or if you cannot wait towel dries quickly. I suppose if you had to have a cushion, it too can be accommodated.

The construction of the rectangular aluminum frame is tubular with a stop conveniently located at the front lower bend to prevent children or slightly tipsy guests from toppling forward into their summer salads. The chair width is wide enough to keep your more robust visitors smiling. There is a little flex that allows you to rock in your chair which is a nice bonus.

Keeping your Martha Stewart patio set clean is simply a matter of a mild detergent and water with a soft brush to clean up the birds forget-me-nots. Generally speaking, a hosing down is all you will ever need to keep your set looking great.

My only item on this wish list is for these chairs to stack. A considerable amount of garage real estate is consumed unless you make other arrangements. I chose to build a loft in my garage where I keep seasonal items, and it works great.


The 9’ diameter Martha Stewart umbrella is constructed from a PVC wrapped umbrella shades the table but the loose weave allows some sun to sneak in, lighting the table with summer splendor. One nice feature if this 8ֶ” umbrella is the windproof canopy. That is not to say you should leave your canopy open all summer long, but in the event you do, it can withstand a lighter wind without toppling, possibly causing your glass top from breaking. A 45ļ detented canopy hinge allows you to provide greater shading for those intimate gatherings of 4 or less.

In the past I have had the domed umbrella that you fill with sand. One nice thing about that was that it provided frogs in my yard a little condo cooler from the forbidding Northeast summers. While I can’t deny I rejoiced hearing the squeals of unsuspecting guests as they came upon my little tenants, all good things must come to an end, sort of. The Martha Stewart base for this umbrella is flat and weighted with a tightening thumbscrew to secure the base. I did keep the old base and fashioned a smaller canopy of PVC pipe and material from the old base and the frogs seemed to enjoy it as well. I look forward to using again this season.


Well, I have to say I am happy about my purchase and no matter how it all came together, I also have a small story that I can tell to inquiring guests. While Martha has gone through a pretty tumultuous winter, I look forward top spending a hot and sweaty summer with Martha, basking under her ample umbrella, and sitting at her table enjoying tasty delights and taking pleasure from the company of my friends and family. Yes, perhaps Martha and I share a dirty little secret, but it is my intention to let the secret out; the Martha Stewart Everyday Olympia Collection is a top notch patio set worthy of a hearty endorsement!

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