Sanyo RL-7300

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Great sturdy/sporty flip phone

Apr 22, 2005
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Pros:Rubber lining/grip, speakerphone, outside display

Cons:Battery life, alarm mode, call log/history

The Bottom Line: All in all, if you have no need for a camera cell phone and are looking for a tough flip phone, I'd recommend this one.

I switched from AT&T a year ago to Sprint. My previous experience with cell phones were mostly Nokia and a couple run-ins with Motorolas. Sprint doesn't have much of a Nokia selection (they deal mostly with Sanyos and Samsungs - the latter which I have a personal ban on) so I had to start doing my research.

My fear with flip phones is that I'll flip it open...and out of my hand in the process (I know, it may sound stupid, but that was a fear) so the rubber lining drew my attention to this phone. And have you ever noticed how phones, after a while, the paint/plastic on the edges will start to wear down, like your once-all-silver cell phone now has an antiqued, worn-down-black-on-the-edges look to it? I've had this phone for a year and don't hae to worry about that thanks to the rubber grip.

Some of the features I knew I wanted were a speakerphone for whenever I would have to deal with waiting on the phone, and and an outside display was important (I'm too lazy to want to flip the phone open unless it's a call I want to take). And the voice activated dialing was a nice bonus feature. I liked the sporty look of it, and know that I personally do not need a camera on my cell phone. Oh yes, and Bruno (my nickname for the dog companion on the phone) amuses me still.

Of course it's battery life is not nearly as long as any of my previous Nokias, but it's still quite good and I've always kept a cell phone charger in my car. And I know people complain about the speakerphone quite a bit, but this is my second cell phone with the speakerphone and if you ask me, it does it's job in letting me know that an actual person is ready to talk to me, so I'm fine with that.

After a year, I will say I'm quite happy with my decision still and hope to keep it for another year, at which point I will probably become bored with it. I love that the ear receiver volume can be easily turned up or down while on the phone. The only complaints I really have are that you can't just set an alarm, you actually have to set it up in the calender as an alert and although the outside of it has held up quite well, after a few months, the inside navigation button has worn a slight arch onto my inside display (presumably from scratching it every slightly over time?). But it doesn't hinder the readability of the display, more of a minor cosmetic blemish that I personally find annoying, but do overlook. Last thing I wish was more detailed would be the call history - it would be nice if it kept note of every time and every call made (like if you called your mom on Tuesday then again on Friday, it'll erase the log for Tuesday's call and just keep note of Friday's call). But for some people that might not be a big deal.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 130
Recommended for: Adventurous Technophiles - Tough and Durable

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