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It really does work better in cold than regular detergent....

Apr 26, 2005
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Pros:Dazzling white whites, bright colors, fresh smelling laundry in COLD WATER!!!

Cons:Have Shout Action Foamer handy for greasy stuff, and bleach for nasty towels and socks.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this product because it allows you to save energy, and still have your clothing look and smell great.

I signed up for the Tide Coldwater challenge a while back and received my free sample in the mail. I gave it a try, and was impressed enough with it, although not initially impressed enough to switch from my liquid Purex.

Rising electrical rates were the reason why I tried it again. I have an electric water heater, and electric heating, and it's not uncommon to have $200 electric bills on my very small house. Since times are tougher than they used to be, something had to give. I purchased a jug of Tide Coldwater Glacier Scent, and decided to give it another, more fair shake. I'm not sorry I did.

I tested Tide Coldwater in my Kenmore stackable washer/dryer combo (full sized), and, LOL, in my old Maytag Gyrator wringer washer (yes, I have one that I roll out onto the patio to use on nice days in conjunction with my clothesline--I'm one of the last die hards in those areas). After using it in both machines on a variety of soils, I'm very impressed. It does an outstanding job whether you're using a modern washing machine, or great grandma's standby. :-)

Whites come out absolutely blinding white even when washed with no bleach and dried in the electric dryer. I had a shirt, a very old t-shirt with a faded logo, and the shirt looks like new. It is threadbare, and still dazzling, holes and all. Impressive enough. To be fair, it doesn't work miracles on muddy socks in cold water, but they are still more than acceptable, and much cleaner than with regular detergents in cold. The same goes for stained white dish towels; a little bleach would perk these items up more.

Colors are amazing with this product. Everything that looked faded with my old detergent comes out bright and fresh looking. The grungiest jeans, dingiest *blush* colored undies, curtains, drapes, colored bath towels, quilts, blankets, and all that good stuff look amazingly good. I did notice that small greasy stains still need a bit of a pretreater, but I used some Shout Action Foamer (GREAT PRODUCT), and everything was beautiful, clothesline or dryer.

The product also makes all of the above mentioned items smell great. When I do housework or garden work, I WORK, and I don't exactly smell like a rose when I do. Cold water and regular detergents often left my clothes looking clean enough, but never removed all the body odor or oils. They smelled better than when loaded into the machine, but never as fresh after several wearings as they did when new. That is no longer the case, everything smells great with the Glacier fragrance, and I am sensitive to bad smells. This detergent removes the stink and leaves a light fragrance behind, a fragrance I happen to really like....a light floral scent without being too flowery or perfumey.

One final interesting aspect of this product may be of use for those who use suds saver washing machines or wringer machines like me (are there any of you left???). This product does great when reusing your wash water. Start with your whites and proceed to darker colors, and your last load will look as great as your first. I have managed to use the wash water for four to seven wash loads (depending on the soil), and it does not let dirt resettle on the clothes. It suspends the soil and suspends it for good. If I have to add a little water to top off the machine, I add a little extra, but Tide Coldwater keeps its cleaning power without bucking it up after each load. That way, on a nice sunny day, I get four to seven loads from 1 capful of detergent, and everything is still nice and clean....a real bargain...especially when using Mother Nature to dry the clothes.

The only downside to this product is that it is not made for the new HE (high efficiency) washing machines. Then again, wasting hot water isn't nearly as much of a priority in the new front loaders than it is in my top loading automatic. Tide's website recommends Tide HE for those folks with front loaders due to sudsing (and Tide Coldwater is fairly sudsy).

Overall, I am delighted I found this product. I'm using cold water to wash all of my clothes and my family's clothing, and the clothes have never looked better. It works great, smells great, and allows you to save energy. It's pricey like regular Tide, but it saves you energy so a lot of that is offset. I highly recommend it.

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