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May 1, 2005
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Pros:Carousel 300 disc capacity PS/2 keybd jack

Cons:Inferior quality/doesn't last Skips/chews up/ruins CDs

The Bottom Line: Sony is considered brand name but buyer beware. This juke is just overpriced crap.

I say that not because of the quality of this player but simply b/c there is no other manufacturer out there offering a 300 or above disc carousel compact disc juke. And because of that simple fact, Sony has the monopoly on the equipment. The consumer's other choices are magazine type -which suck @ss and have a whopping capacity of 5 or 7 CDs tops- or a POS 5 disc capacity carousel which in my experience (I've had 3 of them in 5 yrs) are all supreme examples of garbage manufactured in 3rd world cesspools. BTW these were top brand names not UBetcha from W@lmart.

That said, I've had a CDP-CX355 for approx. the past 3 yrs. My main b1tch has always been the way it skips the first five seconds or so of any given CD. Other than that, I really didn't have that many problems with it except for now it seems to be chewing and eating my discs and inflicting scratches on formerly pristine CDs in addition to skipping. I suppose 3 yrs is all the consumer can hope for on an originally priced three hundred dollar piece of equipment. Sure I can buy another for half that now and keep replacing the equipment every 3 yrs but why would I do that an inferior piece of crap. I'll just go buy a cheaper player now from W@lmart since even the brand names are disposable garbage.

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