Top Ten Make-Out Movies!!

Jul 12, 2001

The Bottom Line Hey, you do your community service your way, and I'll do it mine.

I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of teen boys that write for epinions. It was not too long ago that I was a teen girl and dated the little cuties. So, I thought that I would give these boys a hand and write a review of movies that may help them on their quest for manhood. So, here are the movies that may help you "get around the bases."

Number 10: Any Die Hard Movie

It seems strange but here is why... Most people have already seen it. It is an action movie filled with testosterone. Why is this good? She will get bored and want to get on to, "other things." Plus, you know that she likes you if she is willing to see this movie for the millionth time.

Number 9: My Best Friend's Wedding

She will be reminded about how bad it would be to be alone at the "Oh My God, age of 30!" Also, you look like a sensitive guy watching a movie like that. Don't forget to tell her how cool the gay guy was in it. It makes you look comfortable with your sexuality.

Number 8: Alien

There are plenty of scary parts where she can choose to grab on to you. Also, don't think that just any horror flick will do for that kind of response. Remember, that in films like Friday the 13th, the people always seem to get axed while losing their virginity. That doesn't put me in the mood, does it you?

Number 7: Any Godzilla movie

Warning, only try this on a #2 or #3 date. If you try it on the first, there will not be another. These movies have an effect similar to the Die Hards, however, they make you querky and cute. Also, this is only meant for girls that you hope to have a relationship with. No slut would put in the effort of watching this movie if she wanted your mind as well as your body. Oh, wait... Do you have money?

Number 6: Basic Instinct

NOW, for the sluts. If you want a piece and that is it, this movie is a must. Any easy girl will want to see if she can be as seductive as Sharon Stone. Like teenage boys are hard to seduce. Please.

Number 5: Star Wars

Any good woman must appreciate this movie. It is a good test. If she doesn't like it, is she really the girl for you? Messing around with a girl who doesn't like Star Wars is just plain dirty.

Number 4: American Pie

Now, this movie is about a bunch of highschool guys trying to lose their virginity. It plants the idea in her head.

Number 3: Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise looks so good in this it is bound to put her in the mood. Just make sure it is dark so she can pretend.

Number 2: Interview with a Vampire

Again, Tom Cruise. Also, Brad Pitt. They are sexy and make an art out of sinning. It is bound to bend a moral or two for at lease a short time.

Number 1: Say Anything

Another one for a keeper girl. The character, Lloyd Dobbler (John Cusack) is a very real type of guy. Be super nice all night and it will make you look great. Every girl my age seems to use him as a basis for comparison.

Disclaimer!!! I do not promote sex between teens under the age of, let's say, 17. Be careful. That doesn't mean, lean the seat all the way back in the VW. It means use protection. Please don't reproduce til' you finish growing all of you chest hair and have filed taxes at least 5 times.

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