10 Best Movies Rerunning on Cable

Jul 12, 2001

The Bottom Line If you have cable like TBS and USA, and you're a channel surfer, one of these films is probably a favorite.

These ten movies are by no means academy award winners, critically acclaimed, or even good for that matter. These are the movies that we've watched over and over again. Whether we catch it mid commercial, or " Did we miss the beginning?" We always find ourselves saying, "You know, I don't really remember this part." Either way, I bet everyone will find at least one they like.

Big Trouble in Little China
--Bottom line, it's like watching your favorite comic book. Feel free to harass the story line, characters, cheesy dialog, wacky special effects, but laugh while you're doing it. The movie pretends to take itself seriously, but it's secretly laughing along with us.

Revenge of the Nerds
--This movie absolutely does what many of these types of movies today, DO NOT. This movie is about characters. Forget "winning the fraternity Presidency" or even "besting the alpha betas." This is about Two best friends going to college. But all we remember are the set pieces, which is why we come back to it again and again.

Breakfast Club
--Always on cable, always. We love it because we can recite the lines over and over. Pick your favorite scene.

Red Dawn
--Hey, it's Charlie and Emilio together in one of their earlier flicks. Same cheesy charm as Big trouble without the laughter and a 3000 year old Chinese guy.

Lost Boys
--It's just a cool movie. It's hip and teenage before 90210 ruined that image. And it's Vampires!! It's got all our cable favorites like Keifer, the two Coreys. Filmed in Santa Cruz with Doors on the soundtrack too!

Tommy Boy
--Recent addition to cable syndication, and a gem when flipping through channels. If you know this movie, you will watch every time. This is simply Chris Farley at his best. The movie is all gags and dialog comedy. Forget the plot, who cares, you will laugh from start to end and memorize at least three favorite parts to repeat to friends.

I will round off my list for space concerns and group the last three.
Total Recall, Labrynth, Any Cheech and Chong movie
--You'll be thirty minutes into the movie and ask yourself "Why am I watching this?" But you won't turn it off.

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