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May 20, 2005
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Pros:Image Stabilization (VR), 10x Zoom, full control or full auto, small size, swivel LCD

Cons:Minor low light issues

The Bottom Line: Buy this camera if you want more than a point and shoot, but don't want the weight and cost of a DSLR.

If you have realistic expectations, this is a great camera. It is not a DSLR so don't expect the speed and capabilities. It is not a point and shoot camera.
It is a camera with a huge zoom, image stabilization and a lot of control over all factors of photography. Sure there are some limitations, but there are solutions to every problem. Sure you could spend more on a DSLR and carry around the extra weight, it depends on what you want.

Don't try to take pictures at full zoom in lower light and expect sharp images. Use a tripod. Just because it has 10x doesn't mean you can shoot it handheld in all cases.

This is a lot of camera in a small package. You'd have to have several lenses and a DSLR body to equal the range.
Camera often exceeds users capabilities creating frustration. RTFM! The Nikon glass is excellent. Low light is minor problem that almost all cameras have as it is looking for contrast. There are camera settings that will easily overcome this problem. You need to take the time to learn to use it correctly. Forums like Nikon Talk on DPReview will be very helpful.

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