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May 26, 2005 (Updated May 20, 2006)
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Cons:Still confusing, not enough questions answered

The Bottom Line: Hopefully the characters and plot will be fleshed out soon otherwise this series is going to be a major dud.

NOTE: This review is a continuation of my reviews of this series. If you have not seen any of the volumes or my previous reviews, you risk spoilers by continuing.


The volume that I thought was going to answer so many of my questions turns out to be a volume that just leaves me with more instead.

The Story

Kei and his friends are now free. Gantz has released them back into the world and they are free to go back home under the condition that they are never to speak of what happened because if they do their heads will explode (I’m not elaborating there, that’s literally the reason that is given to them) and so that’s exactly what they do but unfortunately that’s not as easy as they thought it would be.

Kato has to return to an abusive aunt who considers him and his little brother absolutely worthless. Kishimoto (the female of the group who is also named Kei but will be referred to by her last name in my reviews for the sake of simplicity) doesn’t have a home to return at all. The only one who seems to get out of this unscathed is Kei who returns to the normal life he left behind.

Unfortunately when they disappeared in the subway tunnel it caused quite a stir as people all over are now trying to identify them as the mysterious missing boys.

The only unusual highlight that comes up is Kei coming home from the store to find Kishimoto waiting for him. After spending some time together Kishimoto asks Kei to keep her as a pet.

The Good And The Bad

This volume had a lot going for it. The animation is still top notch and the story is intriguing but the characters are being developed way too slowly. As interesting as the plot is, it’s hard to keep interested in the plot when the characters are still so two dimensional and hard to like.

As if that weren’t hard enough, new characters are being added starting with this volume in the form of a couple of different biker gangs. It’s hard to tell at this point how they are going to play into the series but it should be interesting to find out at least.


The closing theme is still the best bit of music in this series but the background music has also been great thus far and has transferred over wonderfully.

Dub vs. Sub

Both tracks were ok on this volume but I am finding myself a much bigger fan of the subbed version because of it’s much more powerful performances. While the dub actors do a good job with their roles (Greg Ayres puts in another great performance as Kei), the Japanese actors just really throw themselves into these roles.


Clean opening and closing animation to start with but then there is a 20 minute interview with three of the Japanese actors. This was kind of an interesting feature but I found it boring for the most part. Still, it’s always fun to hear about the show from the original actors.


This is a pretty average release. Maybe if ADV had released more than two episodes per volume then I could give this a higher rating because I’d have had a chance to get to know the characters a bit more but in this case, I can’t say that this is a series that is really pulling me in. Definitely a take it or leave it release.

Final Grade: 70% - C

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