Replace Those Weak Headphones That Came With Your Device

May 31, 2005
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Pros:Great sound for the price -- excellent. Good brand name. LONG cord.

Cons:Small cup size.

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended. They may be the best phones you can buy for this price. If you listen to music, you owe yourself a good pair of phones.

Go out and buy a pair of these to replace the headphones that came with your current music device, and you'll wonder why they bother to include those piece of junk headphones in with the device.

I bought these phones to replace my standard Apple iPod earbuds, and while yes, the two are of different types (these being closed-ear headphones, and the iPod phones being earbuds) the difference in sound quality that it makes is incredible. All of a sudden, your music has it bass back. (But be careful to check your EQ settings first, as you probably have the bass cranked up to compensate for the lack of bass in your current phones, and it will be too much for the Sennheisers -- they have great bass response without having to artificially increase it.) The midrange sounds great, but not super-excellent, and the treble sounds just about right.

I listen to quite a mix of music, and I'd have to say that these are incredible headphones, especially when you factor in the price. I've use phones twice as expensive that didn't sound as good.

I can't speak as to the suitability of these headphones for DJ use, but my guess is that if you're a serious DJ, you may want to pass on these for something with more of an expanded acoustic range.

The cord wrap thing that comes with these phones looks ridiculous, and I can't imagine wearing it clipped to your belt. It would work great tucked into a coat pocket, however.

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