Has Lego Gone Too Far With Their Marketing Ideas?

Jun 4, 2005
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Pros:Customizable, water resistant, can be morphed with other watches.

Cons:These arenít cheap and they are pretty hard to find!

The Bottom Line: If you wanted one of these you better get one fast ...

Being a Lego junkie is never easy, especially when they cross over into other things like electric toothbrushes, shoes, board games, clothing and even backpacks. When the Bionicles hit the scene they were supposed to be the Lego theme that would dominate the market in construction toys. Granted, it did give kids some phenomenal elements to work with and they could be used with Technic pieces but the companion story was often too hard for younger kids to follow. Much like the Galidor series, it had a lot of hype behind it but didn’t have the staying power that it needed to get over with the kids. Even so, that didn’t stop the Lego designers from taking the Bionicle theme and going crazy with it; there were comic books, video games, an animated movie [several I think] and even trading cards. When they started the promotion at a fast food restaurant we were there ever day collecting the mini versions of the Bionicles as well as the computer discs that were packed with the “Mighty Kids Meals”. Yeah, being a Lego junkie is never an easy task ...

Lego Bionicle Watch

One of the nicest things about this watch is that you can attach one of the Bionicle masks to it if you want The watch comes with a set of ‘pins’ that can be arranged any way that you like - these are in four colors [the Lego basics of red, blue, green and yellow] with a gray rim around the face of the watch. In the middle of the watch face there is the Bionicle logo and the hands that move around the face are nicely detailed but don’t get in the way of telling time. This has a built in battery that looks like it can’t be changed but so far we haven’t had to change it so I have no idea if this is something that can indeed be replaced when it wears out. If you are a Lego fanatic you know they are notorious for putting batteries in their elements that can’t be replaced; sure you can still play with the item but it won’t light up or make sound so it’s pretty much useless.

Lego says that the watch battery has a two year lifespan; this is only about a year old and it’s still working fine so I guess when it dies I’ll take it to the watch battery place at the mall and see if they have a replacement for it. Until about six months ago you could buy these at the Lego online store but they stopped selling them when the fad started to die out with the Bionicle cross marketing items. I look at it this way, if the shoes didn’t sell they should have known that the clothing and watches weren’t going to sell either. The watches do fit nicely and they are comfortable to wear but they aren’t something that most adults would get into. Kids like them because they can change the links around to customize the colors and if you have other Lego watches you can use the links from them to change the colors around. Lego puts a five and older age range on this because the links do come apart so make sure that kids know that while they can customize the band, smaller kids shouldn’t be allowed to play around with this.

My son really wanted a Bionicle watch because he is into the series and before we moved he started doing some online battles with the game. Since these were pretty hard to come by at the time and the Lego World Shop never seemed to have them in stock I purchased one from a Lego fan site for thirty dollars. I’ve seen them for a little less than that but wasn’t sure if they were new or used so I chose to go with someone that was selling a new one still in the case. He wore this thing pretty much non stop was waiting and see if they would put out new watches to go along with the new Bionicle figures. When he found out that they weren’t he was a little disappointed but kept wearing the watch when he’d leave the house. Some of the kids teased him saying they looking like kid meal watches but he ignored them. The thing has held up nicely and has sustained several goes though the washing machine as well as being snatched by the dog and dropped in the toilet [gross but at least it was a clean toilet].

The Bottom Line

If you have a fan of the Bionicle series from Lego then this might make for a nice gift. There are only two styles to choose from and I think that one of them was a limited edition only sold at LegoLand but I could be wrong or have gotten the wrong information. The going price for one of these new is about thirty dollars; I can’t say whether it’s worth it or not because I’m not big into Bionicle but I will say this - it does put up with a lot of use and abuse. The band can be changed around and if you have other watches you can use the links from them to create a unique band and don’t forget, you can snap on one of the Bionicle masks if you want to add a little extra mystique to the face of the watch. It keeps accurate time, doesn’t have a loud ticking noise like some kids watches and thankfully it doesn’t make any noise! They could have added a glow in the dark feature but then they would have had reason to jack the price up even higher. It’s a nice watch but come on, it’s just a watch [I say that as I duck because if my son read that last line, I’m sure he’d be tossing something at me!]..

As always, thanks for the read!

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