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Load them up and stack them…Rubbermaid Revelations 19-Quart Plastic Storage Box

Jun 4, 2005 (Updated Jun 4, 2005)
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Pros:stackable, clear and tinted, cheap enough

Cons:can be expensive regularly priced

The Bottom Line: A tough, stackable storage solution.

When we moved into a new house in January, we knew that we needed to start out and organize the garage so that it didn’t become just one big mess. We found some shelving units on sale at a local store, but that just wasn’t enough. My mother and I were shopping in Target one day when we came across these Rubbermaid Revelations 19-Quart Plastic Storage Boxes. But priced at $4.99 for a small 19-quart box, we weren’t very happy.

We ended up shopping at Big Lots one day for something that we had seen advertised and I was excited to run across the same Rubbermaid Revelations Storage Boxes again. This time they were priced at $1.99, which made us much happier people. We picked up a few of them and headed home to unpack more boxes.

Each Revelations Storage Box is blue in color and has the same kind of snap-on lid that most of the Rubbermaid storage boxes have. The top edge of the lid has one rubber tab on each side for carrying. When holding the box, your thumb would be placed over the rubber pad for easier grip. As with most of the Rubbermaid products, these boxes are made of plastic. But unlike most of the storage totes, these are not the heavy-duty plastic but thinner instead. Not that the plastic is flimsy, but it is thinner than the rough totes.

At only a 19-quart size, approximately 10.3 x 10.9 x 16.3 inches, these boxes are not large and cannot hold a whole lot. Even though each box is blue, it is a clear blue style that allows you to see what is inside. They also come in a plain clear color, but the blue tinted one’s are just prettier. These boxes are easy stackable, which makes the garage look tidier. We have stored extension cords, painting supplies, light bulbs, and even various forms of tape in these storage boxes. We have chosen to stack them on top of each other on the top shelf of our shelving units. This saves a lot of shelf space.

Don’t get me wrong, these boxes are not just to be used in the garage, we just chose to use them there because they were needed for organization. I don’t see the problem with using these storage boxes inside the house for storage purposes. I did actually end up going back and purchasing one for holding items in my closet. They are just large enough to use for organizing small toys, file folders, extra papers lying around, computer games, and even linens that are used seasonally.

Overall, I have to say that I would purchase these again if needed, though not at $4.99 a pop. At $1.99, these boxes are a steal. They are small, yet large enough to hold those smaller items that seem to just get scattered around everywhere. They are lightweight and easy to see through. I recommend them to anyone looking to add a little organization to their life.

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Fairlawn, OH. 44333
Made in USA

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