Thompson's Water Seal Waterproofer, 1 Gal.

Thompson's Water Seal Waterproofer, 1 Gal.

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Jul 7, 2005
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Pros:can't think of any

Cons:HUGE problems can ensue. NO adequate warnings on the label.

The Bottom Line: Avoid it like the plague Thompsons will offer you NO solutions for any problems you might have.

I am going through an experience with a new redwood deck I just put in. I waited for several days for a certain clearing in the weather, sanded down the deck to a beautiful finish and applied the Thompsons. We were then hit by a surprise rainshower 8-12 hours after the application. What I am now left with is a BADLY water-stained deck, four times darker than the orignal pre-Thompson's deck and riddled with black lines that both run through the grain and as distinct "rings" all over the surface of every board.

I immediately tried two separate cleaning products to no avail. The blackening remains. I have tried sanding down the deck again but it has remained tacky for almost a week since the little rainshower and doesn't look like it will be dry enough to sand for several more days. Even when I do sand a small area, it clogs up the sandpaper after a minute or two and still DOES NOT remove the discoloration.

I called Thompson's tech support people and they said they were well aware that this IS what will happen if it rains before the 24 hour period elapses and that , since power-washing it with cleansers didn't work and sanding it didn't fix it, that I would need to wait until it "wore off" (whatever that means). I then asked the obvious question. Since I can't reapply ANY sealer until it "wears off", what is protecting my brand new deck? No answer was forthcoming.

I think I can ultimately restore the deck to something approximating its condition before the Thompson's ruined it, but I will spend more time restoring my BRAND NEW DECK than I did installing it !!! And Thompsons seems to feel that their "warning" on the label is adequate - "Allow at least 48 hours to dry" and "Oiliness and Tackiness will result if over-applied, applies to wet or damp surface, or if overnight temperature falls below 50 [degrees] within 48 hours of application" I don't begin to agree that that is adequate warning of the horrific consequences which have occurred to me, and I am sure to thousands of other users.

The fact that Thompson's KNOWS how severe the consequences can be and yet FAILS to describe them on their label, clearly makes them liable for the resulting damages. Had there been ANYTHING on that label that suggested I would have to spend more time and money repairing the damage than I did to put the deck in in the first place AND that I would NEVER be able to fully restore it to its NEW condition, I would NEVER have purchased the product or, at the very least, I would have covered the deck - even when it started in the middle of the night. The only "announced" downside, the only "warning" is that line about oiliness and tackiness. Sound like that means you will have to completely redo your deck to you?

I have approached my attorney with this problem and, while he is not a class-suit kind of a guy, he has referred me to a firm that is, and he personally feels they are clearly liable. Anyone else experiencing this problem please feel free to contact me at

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