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Chicken Kitchen: Why The Chicken Crosses The Road In South Florida-Why You Will Too!

Jun 22, 2005 (Updated Jun 22, 2005)
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Pros:Mouthwatering, fresh and tasty Chicken for one and all.


The Bottom Line: Try the "Chop-Chop"

Why did the chicken cross the road? Or better yet, why did the Grilled Chicken cross over the border? To get to South Florida, that’s why…. Here, in the land of sunshine and tropical rainstorms, a fast, healthy way of having your chicken and keeping your waistline has quickly become the preferred way of chowing down on that most popular of all poultry meals just by revving up that old grill and concocting the best marinades to slowly cook this succulent poultry. No deep drying or heavy batters are needed to provide the moist and tasteful chickens we find at one of my favorite pollo places, Chicken Kitchen, where the variety of delightful and delectable meals awaits.

Upon entering the wonderful aromas of these skillfully grilled meals awaken your taste buds… The brightly colored and clean appearance of each location certainly adds to the overall flavor.. The décor is simple with ample tables and chairs if you chose to have your meal on the premises but take out is the way we usually prefer. Service is fast and friendly…The menu appears over the length of the long substantial grills and the food prepared in front of you. The rotisserie at the front of the counter certainly doesn’t hide the whole chickens as they slowly brown under watchful eyes.

My favorite meal at the moment is their signature concoction called the “Chop-Chop”. There are 7 of them, and I’ve enjoyed each and every one that I have tried..What is a “Chop-Chop” you might ask. Well, it’s a salad of sorts but a complete meal in itself that starts out with the marinated skinless breast or thigh meat of chicken served on a bed of rice…Then the fun begins as the varied ingredients are added to make each individual taste sensation. It’s hard to say which is my favorite but at the moment I think the Oriental “Chop- Chop“. This one has boneless thigh meat cooked in Oriental spices then served on a bed of white rice. Tomatoes, lettuce, scallions and sesame seeds are then added and topped with a tangy Teriyaki glaze.

But wait, what about the Mexican “Chop-Chop“? I love that one too…This one has chopped breast meat, lettuce, tomato, guacamole, sour cream and cheddar cheese on a bed of yellow rice. Oh no, I just remembered the Cuban “Chop-Chop” another favorite, actually this one is my husbands favorite, served with the same white breast meat, lettuce, tomato and black beans on a bed of white rice. It is really hard to make a choice though as they are all tasty and when eaten the combination of the hot rice and chicken along with the cold salad ingredients really creates a fantastic taste sensation...All seven of them, from the original to the deluxe, the Cuban, Mexican, Oriental, and the newest, Teriyaki, as well as the Vegetarian, are served in two sizes, regular, in the price range of $4.59 to $5.99 and the large size at $7.59 to & $8.99 are easy on your wallet and, for the most part, your waistline…. I find the smaller size just perfect for me and a truly satisfying meal. A fresh warm piece of Pita bread is served on top to fill or eat as you choose.

I don’t want you to think that these “Chop-Chops” are all that are available at Chicken Kitchen though…There is quite a substantial menu for any size appetite. Their original grilled chicken meals are most popular in single servings to family size meals featuring any and all combinations from a quarter piece, either dark or white meat, to a half or a whole bird served with your choice of one or two sides with prices as varied as well. The lowest price $3.29 without a side, $4.29 with 1 side to $5.29 with 2 sides. The prices go up to $9.49 for a whole chicken, $12.59 for all white meat and $7.99 for all dark meat. Whatever you choose the chicken is always grilled to perfection and as tasty as can be after being marinated in their “secret” blend of lemon juice, spices and herbs. Then you have a choice of their delicious sauces, dressings and toppings, mustard curry, BBQ, sweet and sour, cranberry orange or fresh salsa, all made on the premises and promise to add to your chicken addiction. You get one with each meal but for $.39 each, you can have as many additional ones you wish to mix, match and dip as you would like.

The cold sides offered are Classic Coleslaw, Balsamic Tomatoes, Garden Salad and side Caesar Salad…all of these salads are available in meal sizes as well in the price range of $4.29 to $7.29 for the deluxe Caesar with grilled Chicken.

The hot sides offered are, Yellow or White Rice, Seasonal Vegetables, Black Beans, Boston Baked Beans, Jumbo Sweet Potatoes and Corn on the Cob. All sides are offered with the meals or by themselves at a low additional cost...For just a few cents more you can add other toppings as well, Shredded Cheddar, Sour Cream or Guacamole.

Featured also are the Family Valued Meals where, for just $13.99, you can get a whole chicken, 8 pcs. with 2 large side orders, 4 sauces and 2 pcs. of Pita bread. If you would like 2 chickens, for $24.99 you get 16 pcs. and 4 large sides, 8 sauces and 4 pcs. of Pita…. You can also get a “Chop-Chop” Sampler for $15.99.

“Your Healthy Addiction” is Chicken Kitchens motto and it appears to be their goal, to provide a healthy alternative to fast foods without sacrificing flavor and value. The chicken is always lean, the vegetables crispy and colorful without being cooked till they are mush or indistinguishable from one another. Without any hesitation I recommend Chicken Kitchen for any size meal for anyone who would like a fresh wholesome delicious chicken meal. It’s easy to see why I would cross any road to get to these chickens.

There are 9 locations in Miami-Dade County, 10 in Broward and one in Boca Raton..the nearest location to you can be found at

Bon Appitit

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